3 Reasons Bookkeepers, Accountants, CFOs, and Controllers Value Charity Charge

Most organizations in operation today utilize a business card or a consumer credit card for business expenses. Ideally, your organization’s credit card simplifies managing expenses, comes with no expensive fees, and offers tangible value in the form of a straightforward rewards program. For these reasons, nonprofit finance specialists across the nation love using the Charity Charge Nonprofit Business Card. 

Hear from a nonprofit accounting specialist who relies on Charity Charge every day:

“Charity Charge has been my go to credit card solution that I recommend to my nonprofit clients. As a CPA focused on helping nonprofits, it’s great to know this program [is backed by Mastercard’s Zero Liability and ID Theft Protection.] Their customer service is top-notch and helps me save time to in turn deliver more value back to my clients’ financial management and accounting needs.”

Sunny Patel, CPA at SmithBucklin


Reason #1: Powerful account management tools.

Individuals handling nonprofit finances love Charity Charge for our robust expense management platform that simplifies expenses while giving administrators full control to pause, cancel, and order new cards as well as report fraud, generate custom reports, and update card limits in real time all online. Our online platform also allows for building your own custom reports (or have us do it for you) for seamlessly importing transaction activity to popular accounting platforms like Quickbooks, MIP, Netsuite, Abila, and many more. Individuals that have multiple nonprofit clients especially love the ability to manage all of their clients’ accounts on one platform versus switching between several different online banking platforms. 

Reason #2 White glove customer service and hands-on account setup. 

We have all experienced the dread of waiting on hold to have questions answered by a banking representative, and this pain can be magnified for bookkeepers, accountants, CFOs, and controllers needing to make updates to multiple clients’ accounts. The traditional banking industry is overwhelmed with requests daily and individuals handling finances at nonprofits, like everyone else, are required to take a number and patiently wait. With Charity Charge, not only are hold times eliminated, but accounts are proactively customized to meet the needs specific to each client and optimized to save time. Our clients love having direct access to their Charity Charge Account Manager who operates as a liaison between them and the bank to provide hands-on support, answer questions, and make updates to client accounts. There is also 24×7 support via phone and email through our bank partner, in addition to the day to day support of Charity Charge support team.  

Reason #3 Benefits designed specifically for nonprofits. 

We designed our benefits to help bookkeepers, accountants, CFOs, and controllers cut costs for the nonprofits they serve. With no fees and 1% automatic cash back, Charity Charge provides a nonprofit business credit card, backed by  Backed by Mastercard Zero Liability and ID Theft Protection, that helps nonprofits build organizational credit history. The traditional credit card industry is optimized to make a profit, not to help nonprofits. With Charity Charge, you can rest assured that your clients are in good hands with a public benefit corporation that is mission-driven and value-aligned with the nonprofit community. 

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We love working with bookkeepers, accountants, CFOs, and controllers and we empower them to oversee the application process on behalf of their clients so that nonprofit leaders can remain focused on more important matters. The Charity Charge Nonprofit Business Card is a win-win for accounting specialists and nonprofits. With a credit card designed to save time, reduce risk, and improve the financial security of nonprofits, everyone is happy.

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