It seems like a piece of common knowledge that personal and business expenses shouldn’t mix, but due to ingrained practices, lack of accessibility to other options, or simply a gap in knowledge about finances, many nonprofit organizations still use personal cards to make purchases on behalf of the organization. We’ve heard from many nonprofits using personal cards that it’s a huge headache when it comes to keeping their finances organized. We want to make sure that nonprofit employees can spend as much time forwarding their mission and less time worrying about their accounting.

That’s why we created the Charity Charge Nonprofit Business card. Our card allows your nonprofit to keep all your expenses in one place. Backed by Mastercard’s Zero Liability and ID Theft Protection with no fees to get started, it’s a win-win for organizations. Plus, nonprofit cardholders can request unlimited employee cards at no additional cost and control those cards completely online. We also offer built-in expense reporting so forwarding reimbursement spreadsheets around the office can become a thing of the past.

It’s an accounting best practice to completely separate your personal and business expenses. If your nonprofit is still using personal cards for your purchases we highly recommend that you switch to using a separate business account, we’d love to have you join our family of cardholders, but if we’re not a fit we hope that you take away the importance of moving towards separating personal and business accounts.