Case Study – Charity Charge x Whole Planet Foundation

At Charity Charge, we strive to empower our cardholders to give to the causes they feel most strongly about. As more consumers adopt the Charity Charge World Mastercard, more nonprofit organizations reap the benefit of receiving the 1% cash back donations that follow every swipe. Cardholders have the ability to select up to three nonprofits to support with their automatic, tax-deductible donations, so every registered 501(c)(3) and K-12 school stands to benefit. To demonstrate the power of our cardholders, we partnered with Whole Planet Foundation to study the impact of our collaboration and the role that Charity Charge played in establishing a steady stream of recurring revenue for their organization.


Whole Planet Foundation was established in 2005 by Whole Foods Market. Their mission is, “to empower the world’s poorest people with microcredit and the chance to create or expand a home-based business and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.” In the past 12 years, their operations have aided people in 68 countries including the United States who have all received a portion of the $63 million dollars that Whole Planet Foundation has distributed through microlending partners.




Whole Planet Foundation decided to partner with Charity Charge soon after our launch in June 2016. Our strategy to combat donor fatigue began with a single email to Whole Planet Foundation’s list of donors and other interested parties. Whole Planet Foundation was excited to request that their loyal supporters become Charity Charge cardholders as this would enable donors to give everyday through the habitual purchases they make. As a Charity Charge partner, Whole Planet Foundation gained lasting donors without the exhausting set-up and implementation of a donor membership program. They also avoided the dreaded “ask” for monetary donations that inconveniences most nonprofit organizations, increases donor fatigue, and burdens donors. By simply encouraging existing donors to sign up for the Charity Charge World MasterCard benefiting Whole Planet Foundation, the foundation receives a check every quarter funded by the donations that cardholders earn.



In this case study, we illustrate the lasting impact that a single “ask” can have when you request that your donors support your organization through Charity Charge. When you offer the card as a method of continued giving, your donors will be reminded of your organization every time they make a purchase, and your organization will be empowered by the recurring revenue that your designated cardholders earn. The impact of gaining cardholders goes beyond today and beyond a single donation; every time you contact donors, you can gain cardholders, establish lasting donors, and utilize the 1% cash back donations to advance your positive mission. At Charity Charge, we know we not only live in a friendly universe but a giving, grateful, and thankful one as well. We hope to help you and your charitable donors #ChargeItFoward today and every day.

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