Charity Charge & Global Impact Aim To Supercharge Giving With New Partnership

A recent partnership between Charity Charge and Global Impact promises to transform everyday giving under their joint expertise in technology, philanthropy, and finance. Now Charity Charge will offer a rewards credit card with Growfund, a charitable giving platform operated by Global Impact that empowers donors to create personal foundations. Requiring a minimum contribution of $1, this platform is unique from most other Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) that require large contributions before making investments.


While Global Impact is a known leader in growing global philanthropy, Charity Charge, PBC is making strides toward the one year anniversary of their Austin, Texas launch. In the past 11 months, the Charity Charge World MasterCard has enabled cardholders to transform everyday spending into everyday giving as they earn 1% cashback on every purchase in the form of automatic donations to their favorite nonprofits.




The marriage of these unique donation platforms has the potential to boost any current or future foundation on Growfund. Foundations will earn steady contributions when the Charity Charge rewards program automatically adds cardholders’ cash back rewards to foundations.


Individual donors using Growfund will continue to receive guidance from Global Impact on growing, planning, and eventually making their financial impact to any nonprofit, an opportunity made possible by their partnership with GuideStar. Since their formation in 1956, Global Impact has generated $1.8 billion for the world’s most vulnerable people, a significant contribution to society that should only increase as everyday giving increases through adoption of the Charity Charge credit card.


It is apparent that merging philanthropy and technology is an underlying passion for Global Impact and Charity Charge alike. Their efforts to make giving everyday a everyday practice are challenging the more traditional donation practices that oftentimes lead to donor fatigue. Through this partnership, charitable donors who have turned to Growfund in the past can now look to Charity Charge for help making everyday donations a sustainable part of their foundations.


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