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Sam Porritt, Founder of Falling Forward Foundation, Joins Charity Charge as an Advisor

In August of 2011, Sam suffered a spinal cord injury that resulted from an accident while he was on vacation in Italy. Initially, Sam was paralyzed from the waist down. His recovery from such a catastrophic injury would be a long one. Thankfully, Sam learned that his medical insurance placed no limit on rehabilitation.

Fewer than 1% of policies have such a benefit. Sam’s insurance covered nearly two years of intensive physical therapy. With the skill and support of many rehab professionals, Sam recovered. He’s now able to walk with a cane, drive a car, and work part-time.   


During his more than two years in rehab, Sam saw the impact of therapy caps first-hand. Sam met hundreds of patients whose recoveries were cut short when their insurance benefits stopped and they were unable to pay out of their own pockets. In August of 2013, Sam launched the Falling Forward Foundation to give other patients the same opportunity that he had– to continue medical rehabilitation and recover to their full potential. 

Upon founding Falling Forward, Sam really didn’t have much experience in the nonprofit sector, so when he found out about Charity Charge, so when he found out about Charity Charge, he was intrigued by our individual credit card program that would enable his supporters to donate their cash back to the foundation.

Sam called in to get more information and was astonished when Stephen, the Founder of Charity Charge, picked up on the other line. He could not believe he was talking to the CEO of the company. 

Sam is now a part of the Charity Charge Advisory Board and is helping to spread the word to nonprofits across the country that could benefit from our no annual fee nonprofit business card backed by Mastercard’s Zero Liability and ID Theft Protection.

We are thankful to have incredible leaders like Sam carrying the torch forward so that nonprofit leaders everywhere can learn about the personal liability associated with most traditional business cards and learn how to avoid it with Charity Charge. 

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