“Maybe that’s what ‘doing good’ really is; when you just know that there’s no other choice to make.”
– Russell Briscoe

Born in Yonkers, NY, but an Austin-ite at heart, Russell Briscoe takes a headstrong approach to giving back and will never shy away from an opportunity to contribute to his community. Russ, his preferred moniker, is an account executive at an information technology security firm known as Rapid7 and devotes much of his time to supporting Austin startups like GlobeKick, an innovative company that aims “to build greater personal and cultural understanding by bringing together people of various culture to live, travel, and work together in foreign countries.” Needless to say, Russ is a busy man. But despite this, he makes no excuses for himself. The natural impulse to give back continues to twinge in his mind and motivates him to support causes close to his heart.

While living abroad in Melbourne, Australia, Russ volunteered with Down Syndrome Victoria to provide parents, families, professionals, and friends of people with Down Syndrome with the resources and support they need to lead their own lives and reach their full potential. The weight of this meaningful experience is something Russ carries with him to this day as he tries to find new ways to support non-profit associations dedicated to improving the lives and health of children with Down Syndrome in Central Texas while maintaining his hectic work schedule. For now, Russ supports organizations like the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas with financial donations, but to him that is only a starting point on a long passion-paved path.

Why do all this, though? Why push so hard to give back when a busy career already takes up so many hours of the day? For Russ, it was not even a decision. “Maybe that’s what ‘doing good’ really is,” he says, “when you just know that there’s no other choice to make.”

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