How to Use Your Credit Cards Responsibly

Keep Your Fundraising Dollars Safe, Stop Using Debit Cards

Your nonprofit works hard to raise the fundraising dollars that then go to support your mission. We can all agree that keeping this money safe is incredibly important, but if you’re using debit cards for your organization’s expenses your funds are at risk. Since debit cards are connected directly to your checking account it’s relatively easy for someone to misuse, deplete, or steal your money; and without purchase protections, you may never get it back.

Many nonprofits use debit cards because their bank won’t allow them to get a credit card or they may not realize the risks associated with doing so. That’s why we created the Charity Charge Nonprofit Business card so that every nonprofit could have access to a safe and reliable way to make purchases on behalf of their organization.

The Charity Charge Nonprofit Business card has no fees to sign up and includes purchase protections along with employee card controls so that your hard-earned fundraising dollars are protected from misuse or theft.

If you are still using debit cards for your nonprofits purchases we highly recommend that you look into getting a business credit card for your organization; we’d love for you to join our family of cardholders, but if not we still want to make you aware of the risks of using a debit card and urge you to seek a better, safer solution.

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