Jill Zimmerman, CFO at Villa Montessori, Shares Why She Loves Charity Charge

Jill initially joined Charity Charge while working as the CFO for Villa Montessori School, a nonprofit entity with a private preschool and a public charter school for grades K-8. Villa provides an authentic Montessori education for approximately 650 children, and has been doing so for over 50 years in Phoenix.

While working at Villa, Jill was responsible for all budgeting, forecasting, bond analysis/maintenance, accounting/finance functions, interfacing directly with The Arizona Department of Education School Finance, accounts payable, billing, and fundraising and development.

Jill shares that Villa has always had an excellent financial history and credit rating, but that neither her local depository bank or Wells Fargo could offer a credit limit that sufficiently met their needs. Frustrated with her current solution, Jill reached out to Charity Charge to make a switch, and within a week, she had cards for many of her teachers and a credit limit that was finally able to meet the needs of the school. 

“Stephen and his team jumped in with a week’s notice and they got us a ton of cards and a great credit limit.”

We are honored to work with schools like Villa and constantly strive to make the lives of CFO’s, like Jill, less frustrating and more streamlined.

We wish Jill the very best in her future endeavors and are so thankful for her support. 

Charge on!

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