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Charity Charge is the first credit card that donates 1% of every purchase to any charity or nonprofit of the cardholder’s choice. First of all, if you have made it to this page, then celebrate your passion for making the world a better place! Now it is time to put this passion into action. Find the most efficient, ethical, and effective ways to help animals all over the world. Charity Charge collaborates with you to fulfill all of these requirements through innovative technology, culture, and community.

Benefit any Charity for Animals

cat and ownerCharity Charge operates with the help of GuideStar, the #1 nonprofit information company to update and maintain our database. In addition, we work with Network for Good, the leader in online donation processing. Through these operations, you can pick ANY registered non-profit organization, such as Animal Equality International, Mercy for Animals, or the Humane League. Furthermore, Charity Charge even allows you to easily donate to up to three nonprofits.

Charity Charge focuses on creating positive social change through community, fundraising, direct service, increasing overall awareness within our society, and celebrating the countless advocates that already create positive change. Not only will you have a facilitated process in fundraising with our credit card, but you will also gain inspiration from our team. We provide information on volunteer opportunities and events that correspond with the animal charities you love. We are also blown away by the compassion of our cardholders and share their stories. Join a community that encourages and celebrates the power of empathy.

Lastly, community is key in affecting change in our society. The Charity Charge card and symbol will create connections between like-minded people and organizations that focus on advocating for animals. In addition, we hope to be a bridge for cardholders to participate in their community and the charities for animals they are fundraising for. So, reflect on the animal population you care deeply about and consider your new power in advocating with every purchase! Join us: people, nonprofits, cardholders, Charity Charge, and the animals that need your help.

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  • Earns 1% Cash Back to ANY nonprofit of your choice including K-12 schools, colleges, and religious organizations.
  • No Annual Fee
  • Comes with All of the great benefits of a World MasterCard
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