In Episode 71 of the Charity Charge Show, Stephen talks with Jonathon Nevett, President & CEO of the Public Interest Registry

In Episode 71 of the Charity Charge Show, Stephen talks with Jonathon Nevett, President & CEO of the Public Interest Registry (PIR), with the mission to empower, through the Internet, those who are dedicated to improving our world. As long as you have a mission, PIR can help you make it go live online. Stephen and Jon talk about why your nonprofit should have a “.org” domain and how PIR works to maintain the trust that a “.org” conveys.

Jon Nevett is a veteran of the domain name industry. He co-founded Donuts Inc. in 2010 and helped to raise in excess of $150M to form a registry of over 240 Internet domain extensions. Jon is also a founding Board member of the Domain Name Association, the domain name industry’s trade association. Previously, Jon served as Senior Vice President at Network Solutions, where he was responsible for policy, government affairs, registry relations, and the corporate ethics office.

Why use a “.org” domain name?
It comes down to trust. A dot-org is the global home for communities, organizations, individuals seeking to transform the world. It’s a trusted environment. If I was starting a new nonprofit, I would absolutely want to have it on dot-org. You can have it in your email address, you have it in your site, you have it in your branding, you have it in your fundraising campaigns. That automatically evokes trust. If you look at the leaders in the mission driven world, they’re all on dot-orgs. We’re geared toward nonprofits. Dot-com is for others; Dot-org is for givers. Just by seeing the “.org,” you get instant credibility and instant trust. I would encourage folks to look at and to see all the great work that orgs are doing. At this time with the pandemic and everything going on, where people are suffering around the world, it’s just heartening and inspiring to see the incredible work of the dot-org community. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that community? We’re welcoming new orgs with open arms and we’re ready to celebrate them. We’re looking forward to new members. Everyone who wants to do good on the internet should be looking

What to do about fraudulent sites?
If you have any kind of claims of abuse, you can email and file an issue of complaint.
We can help put you in the right direction, whether it’s an issue that we deal with directly or we could refer you to the right place, depending on the issue. We’re happy to help anyone that has an issue with a dot-org website.

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