Phyllis Everette - CEO and Founder of Saffron Trust Women's Foundation

The Charity Charge Show: EP 31: Phyllis Everette – CEO and Founder of Saffron Trust Women’s Foundation


In episode 31 of The Charity Charge Show, Stephen Garten chats with Phyllis Everette, the CEO and Founder of Saffron Trust Women’s Foundation. 

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Phyllis is a woman of passion, vision, and purpose is the Founder of the Saffron Trust Women’s Foundation (STWF). An organization that strives to remove barriers creating better life outcomes for women. Before STWF, Phyllis served as Program Director of a Health Clinic, working with Women’s Health Care. Phyllis has 25 years of experience in corporate environments.

Phyllis holds an MSM Specialization in Organizational Structure, BS in Business, concentration in Human Resources Management. She holds a Certification in Supportive Employment and is a practicing life coach.

Phyllis Everette aka writer Saffron Trust put pen to paper to heal her wounds. What culminated was a story, “From Insanity to Serenity,” filled with drama and an overarching theme and message of recognizing the importance of community and how significant surrounding love, forgiveness, and freedom is important to live your truth. Focusing and praying to understand how to fulfill the purpose God had intended for her life, led Phyllis to become active in causes far bigger than her.

Writing her memoir, she undertook a literary journey that encompasses her personal life experience which describes a journey in her heart. Phyllis strongly feels her journey directed her to the mission of STWF. Her hope and desire for her personal story are that readers remain steadfast and become consciously aware of what forgiveness means, and of a much greater duty that each of us is morally obligated to recognize. Phyllis has 3 children and 4 grands, who she quotes “are the wind beneath her wings”.

The recognition and success that Phyllis has achieved that continue to inspire her, gave her pause when asked, “why me”, with “why not me”. Her signature mantra is “Born to give herself away.” So, she is committed and has dedicated her life to unconditionally helping to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Phyllis socially engaged in her community. She is pursuing coursework in Undoing Racism and Undoing White Supremacy Austin, addressing multi-racial communities to end personal structural, and cultural racism to building a racially just Austin.

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