Rob Lowe and Stephen Garten Podcast

The Charity Charge Show: EP 28: Rob Lowe – Creator of The Giving Back Podcast


In episode 28 of The Charity Charge Show, Stephen Garten chats with Rob Lowe, the creator of the influential Giving Back Podcast.

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The Giving Back podcast celebrates the great work of the charities, both the problem they are solving and the impact they have on the people they serve. Rob’s guests talk about how and why they got involved with a charity or cause. Listeners’ walk away from each show with ideas and resources to make a difference on a cause they feel passionate about.

Rob is a very inspiring person and his passion radiates through this interview. He was an early supporter of our work at Charity charge and has been a tremendous ambassador and advisor ever since. In this episode we close out 2019 and talk about whats next in 2020, inspiring story’s from Rob, trends he sees in the nonprofit world, and how to overall be more passionate about the things we do in life.

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