When she was young, Elizabeth Davis was in the hospital for three months. She was struck by the positive impact made by the Child Life Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and their families overcome life’s most trying challenges, and has since dedicated her career to helping others. As a young trustee for Move This World, Elizabeth continues to pursue her enlightened passion for improving the lives of children through the organization’s mission to help kids manage daily stresses and create healthy, resilient groups where everyone is empowered to thrive.

Elizabeth lives her life with purpose. Even when she was a student at Notre Dame, Elizabeth had the drive to make a difference in her community and started an organization called Waste Free Wednesdays that aimed to reduce the 1.5 tons of food wasted every day at the university. This experience eventually inspired her to get involved with the Robin Hood Foundation, poverty’s most pressing threat in New York.
The benevolent actions of organizations and outstanding individuals have tremendously influenced Elizabeth’s sense of purpose. But in the end, her father’s simple words of wisdom will always sing the truest song, “find your passion, and do it in the service of others.” Given her resume and current occupation as a founding partner for Carol Cone On Purpose, it seems safe to say Elizabeth honestly embodies her father’s noble philosophy.

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