If you are a nonprofit professional, consider picking up one of these books if you’re in need of inspiration or instruction. Each of these reads give a unique perspective on managing social impact organizations, nonprofits and for-profits alike. Know that they are mostly instructional but powerful and engaging all the while. They’re perfect for leaders in any organization that’s seeking to generate positive social change. Read any or all of these books to learn how to ground your work in the methods that have propelled so many others in this sector before you.


1 | Do the KIND Thing

Founder and CEO of KIND, Daniel Lubetzky, shares about his journey to starting a socially conscious business in this bestseller. While Lubetzky didn’t build a nonprofit, he talks in depth about his focus to impact the world and other companies by implementing a “not-only-for-profit” model of business. This book will open your eyes to KIND’s practice of “AND.” Like their efforts to make a healthful AND delicious product, you’ll be challenged to adopt and use “AND” more in your organization whenever you face an “or” decision. While you probably don’t make energy bars and may not even make a physical product, Lubetzky’s trials and wisdom will bring purpose to your efforts and ground your socially conscious work.



2 | The Networked Nonprofit


Kanter and Fine offer some insight into the world of nonprofits that challenges common ideals on nonprofit operations. They provoke organizations to utilize the ever-growing social tools at their doorstep and explain how networking plays a role in maximizing impacts. This book will inspire innovation and help you to better understand how well-connected trumps big and dominating. If your nonprofit is looking for that special edge, read this book and learn to harness social media for a free yet oh-so-valuable expansion to your mission.



3 | Forces of Good

This book has a secret to tell about the makings of a truly successful nonprofit. Crutchfield and Grant offer words to shatter the stereotypes about big budgets and flashy marketing techniques. So a few thoughts that don’t reveal the hidden gems in this chart-topping book on business: First, the ideas inside are credible! Over 4 years of nonprofit dissections are boiled down to 6 practices- each used by those “high-impact nonprofits” we love and admire. You’ll discover the highly effective practices of top dogs like Habitat for Humanity and walk away with best-selling advice rooted in years of research.




4 | The Non Nonprofit

This author left the world of big business to make a splash in the nonprofit sector with a venture he named Twin Cities RISE!. Rothschild shares about his journey from business to the formation of his poverty reduction program and begs nonprofits to flip their operations. He recognizes that social ventures have everything to gain by adopting the practices of any major company with financial success. If your nonprofit needs a boost, this book can transform the way you do business. Booming operations means thriving social impacts! So what’re you waiting for? Open your mind to new practices in the name of positive social change.


5 | Nonprofits Management 101

Understand from the get-go that these pages read like a handbook. It is geared for an audience of nonprofit professionals and offers advice on the path to success in business and in life. Especially handy for nonprofit newcomers, this book gives advice for effective habits and strategies that will make your day to day run more smoothly. Whether you struggle with fundraising, marketing, or advocacy, this book has something for you. As the former Executive Director of Craigslist Foundation, Heyman has years of experience that mold his ideals and even includes contributions from 50 driven experts.