Check out the seven ventures leading the charge on positive environmental change and innovation. We know that there are so many more amazing organizations doing great work in this sector, and eventually we will shed some light on the great work they are doing as well.


This nonprofit should top your charity wish list if you’re losing sleep over the more recent policies regarding our environment. Their #1 principle is a strong belief in climate justice, followed nicely by principles of collaboration and mobilization. Overall, is creating a platform to “hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice.” Two current efforts you can support through this nonprofit are “Take the Pipeline Pledge” and “Fossil Free.”


Friends of the Earth (FOE)

This fearless organization is now 47 years strong. Their success stories include winning “tough limits on air pollution from ships” and preventing the construction of “dangerous nuclear reactors.” It only takes a minute on their site to understand their efforts and immediately take action through some user-friendly buttons. FOE has projects in climate, energy, food, technology, oceans, forests and even policy. They are different because they are willing to be unpopular when it benefits the long-term needs of our planet.


TOMS (Apple Watch bands)

Yeah- this social enterprise shoe company now has a hand in sustainable energy! If you are an early adopter of the Apple Watch and a fan of solar energy, listen up! TOMS tells us that there are, “About 1.2 billion people [who] lack access to safe, reliable electricity.” When you buy a TOMS Apple Watch band, your purchase will literally “GIVE TIME” to someone whose day halts at sundown. Bands are currently sold out but if you are passionate for the movement to create healthy and safe energy in developing communities, check back soon!


Clean Energy Group

Clean energy and climate change are central themes for most environmental nonprofits. However, with the Clean Energy Group, you may take note of their avenues to generate change. They focus on developing the technology and financial tools for affordable clean energy and work directly with “stakeholders from governments, and the private and nonprofit sectors.” You may choose to support this group if you feel that advocacy and policy are the best investment for the environment.


The Solar Foundation

Solar energy is trending and we understand why! This nonprofit has a mission to, “Accelerate adoption of the world’s most abundant energy source.” The impact they deliver through programs for increased solar energy depends exclusively on grants and donations so your contribution is destined to be a great help. The Solar Foundation is Leading the Charge on education for decision makers that will ultimately help to expand solar use. With new technology comes job growth prompting us to call solar energy a win-win for any community and for the planet as a whole.


Everybody Solar


Pay attention to the twist that Everybody Solar is bringing to the table! Their projects revolve around lowering the cost of electricity for other nonprofits. Like others, this nonprofit has generated a double impact! By helping to install solar energy equipment at nonprofits and other community organizations, Everybody Solar is making more healthy and sustainable communities while freeing up the limited funds of organizations for direct use on their charitable missions. They recognize that solar is not the only means of sustainable energy, but advocate that it is the most, “safe, easy and efficient for small businesses.”


Jaan Pakistan

This nonprofit reminds consumers that sustainability comes in many forms and efforts. While indoor cooking is generally safe and healthy, inefficient cooking in developing countries such as burning wood and other solids will generate “1 billion tons of CO2” and subject “111 million people to harmful fumes this year.” Jaan Pakistan seeks to address this problem through their creation of solar cookstoves. When you donate to this nonprofit, more families across Pakistan will be provided with this revolutionary technology, allowing for more spending on education and less on solid cooking fuels.