*Time Capsule: This was the first ever Charity Charge Blog Post! We’ve changed a lot since 2015, but it’s fun to take a look back in time:

Welcome to Charity Charge! We’re happy you’re here.

We are an Austin, Texas-based startup and our mission is to make donating to charity as easy as using a credit card.

Every year, sixteen billion credit card reward dollars go unused and we find that tragic. With Charity Charge, one percent of every purchase goes directly to the nonprofit or cause of your choice. Pay for groceries with your Charity Charge card? You’re also feeding a shelter puppy for the day. Fill up on gas to drive your kid’s soccer team to a game? You just helped an antimalarial organization buy lifesaving mosquito nets.

If we can save and redirect the mountain of unused credit card points, we can save the world. Or at least make a huge step in the right direction. This is our ultimate goal.

So, why the blog? Simple: We have a million thoughts and feelings we want to share. We’re millennials, after all. We also believe that as a public benefit corporation, the more transparent our company becomes, the better.

We care about nonprofits, entrepreneurship, finance, and doing good in general. Our lineup isn’t set in stone (we take requests), but off the bat you can expect insights from our CEO and team, profiles of our favorite charities and philanthropists, interviews, relevant industry news, and updates about Charity Charge. We might even write a fashion piece dedicated to one-for-one products (TOMS, Warby Parker, etc.) if we’re feeling fancy.

We’re not trying to be the New York Times (though we will fact check), but we will strive to be the best charity credit card startup blog on the internet. Help us get there by commenting and sharing posts you love (or at least have a crush on) with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for tuning in, friends. We are pumped to share our world with you.