“Greatest gift of living is to give, don’t you get it?”
-Grant Trahant

A New Orleans native, social entrepreneur, good samaritan, artist — it is impossible to describe Grant Trahant, creator of Causeartist.com, with any one single label or vocation. That first line is not something Grant said, it’s something his alter ego Grant Wish sang on “Say a Prayer”, a smooth and soothing track from his album: Journey of the Soul. With all sales of the album from iTunes and Google Play going to buildOn, an organization that helps build schools in rural communities around the world, Grant imbues his music with the same purpose he attaches to all aspects of life: giving back.

Grant is particularly passionate about giving clean water and a good education to those who need it the most. “They are the foundations of living a good life,” he says with a stern simplicity. Last year, Grant went to Haiti with buildOn to help build a school and empower the surrounding rural community. The community’s amazing enthusiasm for the project fueled his motivation to continue promoting the importance of sustainability and progress through education. Grant sees providing clean water as education’s natural complement, and strives to do what he can to support causes that are dedicated to the realization of this basic human need around the world. Without clean water, constant sickness will plague communities and obstruct any school’s attempts to cultivate and nourish young minds. Charity:water, Vivid Roots, and water.org are a few organizations Grant endorses to help spread awareness and make an impact on the issue. He also makes special mention of the Thirst Project, a lesser known organization with an ambitious mission to supply clean water sustainability to the entire country of Swaziland over the next 10 years.

No goal is ever out of reach from Grant’s tattooed arms. All it takes to achieve meaningful change is a little push, “just like becoming more fit and eating better, you have to change your lifestyle if you really want to do impactful good.” Without a doubt, this was Grant’s thinking when he founded Causeartist, a web magazine that spotlights social enterprise startups and social entrepreneurs impacting the world. There are more opportunities to get involved and give back now more than ever, but it’s up to us to educate ourselves and others in order to maximize awareness of areas in the most dire state of need.

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