Over the last decade, thousands of schools have been built in Africa to provide universal access to education. But without trained teachers, strong management, and high-quality learning materials, many of these schools fail to produce quality results. That’s where Impact Network is different.

Each year, Impact Network serves over 6,000 students across over 40 schools in rural Zambia and provides them with a quality education. Impact Network’s eSchool 360 program provides locally-hired teachers with a Mwabu tablet and projector to deliver eLearning lessons, using an interactive curriculum that moves away from traditional rote learning.

Executive Director Reshma Patel has been with Impact Network since inception and is passionate about the organization’s work and mission.

Impact Network has always been close to my heart – as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, it’s been incredible to look back at our journey into this work. I remember when we were first incorporated, our first fundraiser, and my first trip to Zambia to see the schools, students, and communities we support.  It has long-been my conviction that the only way to make a difference in this world is to continue to do the hard work of educating young people, and providing them with opportunities to grow. I wake up each day humbled to work for this organization and to serve our communities!

Despite decades of peace and stability, the Zambian educational system is providing neither the access to nor the quality of education that citizens demand. Impact Network developed the eSchool 360 model to maximize the potential benefits of eLearning in the most remote, under-served areas of Africa. We encourage you to join Impact Network in their mission to improve the lives of the bright, creative and capable students across rural Zambia!