“While the need remains great, the money to run a non-profit business is not always there.”

I am just an ordinary person but let me tell you about my charity, Selfless Blessing Inc.

A few years ago, Andrea Berdine was shopping at a thrift store during cold weather when a homeless man came in to ask for a coat. Not only was he told no–he was berated and humiliated. He left the store with his head hanging down. With a tear in her eye, Andrea immediately left that store, went home, got her husband’s brand new winter coat, tracked the homeless man down and gave him the coat.

From then on, Andrea has devoted herself to providing for the homeless in the Hollister, MO area. Their need extended far beyond clothes and warm coats, though, and Andrea helped organize the community to give school supplies, food, diapers, and much more to those less fortunate than us.

It started as a grassroots initiative on Facebook. I live in Kansas City but never fail to stop by when I’m in the Branson area. The Today Show, People Magazine, The Huffington Post, as well as many local news stories around the Ozarks have showcased the work being done by Selfless Blessings.

Andrea, however, still faces many trials and tribulations. While the need remains great, the money to run a non-profit business is not always there. As we all know, business is business. Rent and utilities need to be paid. She has been evicted from two storefronts that but refuses to give up. I made a donation whenever I could, and always offer her my prayers. With Charity Charge, now I can give back to Andrea and the Selfless Blessings movement everyday.

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