The Instagrammer Using Her Influence to Inspire People

Meet The Instagrammer Using Her Influence to Inspire People to Leave a Legacy of Impact


Meet Lorena Alexandra Gomez, a cancer survivor, Instagrammer, and native Puerto Rican, using her influence to support her country and the kids who will become its future. As a Puerto Rican Lorena is on a mission to leave a legacy behind to other natives in difficult circumstances. Lorena’s support for the Fundación Hogar Niñito Jesús in Puerto Rico is the first step to reaching her goals. This orphanage raises and educates children from 0-7 years old.


Children in the Fundación Hogar Niñito Jesús are removed from their household by the authorities because of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. The orphanage is in constant need of toiletries, food, clothing, bed sheets, and general funding.


Lorena’s cancer diagnosis in 2013 prompted her to get involved in the community. The thought of leaving this world without leaving a legacy behind her haunted Lorena. Her surgery results eventually came back cancer free and after that horrific experience, she decided to give back to the community in any way she could to make a difference.


Below is an inspiring Q&A with Lorena.


Back in 2013 you were diagnosed with cancer and then overcame it. How did that change your life and mindset of what you wanted to accomplish? 



Not knowing the stage of my cancer before surgery was the scariest moment of my life.  The thought of dying without making a difference in my life haunted me before surgery.  I got to the point where I wasn’t sure what was scarier; having cancer or dying without leaving a legacy in this world. After surgery results came back margins free,  I realized that I need to do more with my life to inspire people, make a difference, and give back to society.  


Here’s a video on my Instagram that describes briefly how I felt after cancer: 



You have a great love for Puerto Rico and the Fundación Hogar Niñito Jesús. How did you come to find out about the Fundación Hogar Niñito Jesús and why are they important to Puerto Rico? 


Among all the organizations I volunteer for, one of my favorites is Fundación Hogar Niñito Jesus,  because they are in my hometown in Puerto Rico and they cater to children from 0-6 years old, our future. They are important because they provide services and housing for children that are removed from their household because they are being abused mentally and sexually by a family member or an acquaintance.  They provide a safe environment for the children, along with education and therapy.


Going forward how do you plan to use Instagram and other social platforms, to help impact the world?


I’m tired of seeing accounts focused on beauty, fame, and money.   I think its time to send a message and move people to make a difference.  I make comedy videos that mock the “what’s trending” mainstream and encourage people to make a difference, and keep them in check with issues that matter. 


Puerto Rico is obviously going through a very difficult time. If you had a chance to tell people about Puerto Rico from your point of view, what would you say about your country? 


Puerto Ricans are the most resilient race and culture I know.  I’m truly not being biased since I’ve been in California for 10 years and have been exposed to other cultures.  To my people in Puerto Rico my beautiful 100×35 mile island full of talented people and love,  I’m going to do anything in my power to keep representing you everywhere I go and find ways to help different communities. I’m sure things will get back to normal thanks to my beautiful people. You are seriously not forgotten.  I wouldn’t be where I’am at if it wasn’t for my upbringing in Puerto Rico. 


What do you like most about Charity Charge?


I truly value a company that is facilitating people to give back to nonprofits that what change and are helping people.  With Charity Charge, you can’t say that I don’t have the ways or means to give back, with the Charity Charge card you can give back instantly.


What is your favorite quote?


“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.”
― Mother Teresa


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