5 Organizations with an Everyday Mission to End Sexual Violence in America

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Everyday we grow more speechless as more sexual violence victims step forward. It’s refreshing to see individuals being held accountable for their inappropriate behavior and more women using their voice to speak up for a community in need. In researching for this post we found that the number of women (and men!) affected by sexual violence each day is simply jaw-dropping; one every 98 seconds to be exact! In response to the wonderful work being done by everyday citizens to help victims and those in need, we compiled a list of 5 incredible organizations across America helping end sexual violence through providing resources to support victims, educating America’s youth, and assisting with policy creation at all levels of government.


Futures Without Violence

Futures Without Violence_end_sexual_violence

With a clear vision for the future filled with education, safety, justice, and hope, it’s no wonder Futures Without Violence is named after its noble vision. This organization creates programs, policies, and campaigns to empower organizations and individuals to work towards a future without violence against women and children.  Futures Without Violence has three leadership centers across the U.S. and has been training professionals and building respectful and sustainable communities for over 30 years.


National Alliance to End Sexual Violence


The NAESV means business, and has a history of action to prove it, from assisting federal agencies with policies focused on survivors of violence, to helping secure funds for social service programs with tight budgets. Formed from multiple statewide organizations, the NAESV’s mission is to provide a voice in Washington for state coalitions, and local programs advocating and organizing against sexual violence.




One of the largest anti-sexual violence organizations in the nation, RAINN has helped more than 2.5 billion victims of sexual assault over the last 24-years. From operating a 24-hour; National Sexual Assault Hotline, to facilitating programming focused on preventing sexual assault, RAINN provides resources and opportunities to help survivors and bring perpetrators to justice.




School environments can foster a wonderful sense of community, but can also be the easiest target for sexual violence against women. EROC, Ending Rape on Campus, works to end sexual violence through direct support to survivors and their communities. EROC provides educational resources and assists with policy reform on campuses at local, state and federal levels. You can get involved with EROC as a mentee, connect with mental health advisors that can assist victims of sexual violence, and obtain information on rights for students from a local and federal level.


One Love


Did you know 1 in 3 women will experience violence in their relationship during their lifetime? One Love, founded in memory of young Yeardley Love, who was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend just after graduating from the University of Virginia, provides educational resources and support to inform men and women about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Their workshops and in-school programs are empowering America’s youth to know right from wrong when it comes to love and safety.




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