5 Peace-Focused Nonprofits for Nelson Mandela’s Birthday

In honor of anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela’s birthday on July 18th, Charity Charge is featuring five peace-focused nonprofits with missions that promote peace worldwide.

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The Center for Independent Thought (CIT) (Philadelphia, PA) 

Celebrating Peace-Focused Nonprofits for Nelson Mandela's Birthday

CIT’s mission is to “expand awareness of the issues of individual liberty, free markets, and peace. To achieve this goal, they work with teachers, students, and organizations to bring freedom to others around the globe. CIT also serves as the parent foundation for John Stossel’s “Stossel TV” and “Stossel in the Classroom”, using free curriculum guides to middle and high school classrooms. He frequently talks about government freedom and free markets. Learn more about their programs and donate at CenterForIndependentThought.org. 

Council for Court Excellence (Washington D.C.) 

Council for Court Excellence is founded on the principle to promote a justice system that equally serves all individuals. Their four standing program committees are Civil Justice, Criminal Justice, Youth Justice, and Justice Education. For the past 37 years, CCE has identified ways to increase civic engagement. Some of their many accomplishments include improving the handling of child abuse and neglect cases, expanding crime victims’ rights, and creating public education about how the justice system works. Want to help improve equity in D.C.? Be a volunteer and help the thousands of individuals who enter the justice system each year at CourtExcellence.org. 

Creative Action (Austin, Texas) 

Creative Action teaches youth about the importance of building one’s community and practicing social justice. The organization works on teaching social and emotional skills and offering tools for creative expression. In just one year, they had more than 4,200 people participate in a Creative Action community event or program. They currently have a Virtual Summer Series with a variety of asynchronous and synchronous programming, ranging from virtual field trips, nature scavenger hunts, and a “Digital Escape Class,” taught in English and Spanish. Explore more at CreativeAction.org. 

Daily Acts (Petaluma, CA)

Daily Acts focuses on inspiring individuals through actions each day to make a more just world. The organization focuses on five goals: sustainability, leadership training, environmental health, climate action, and networks and alliances. In 1996, avid snowboarder Trathen Heckmen quit his job at a Fortune 500 company to follow his passion on the slopes. After realizing the many environmental problems the world faces and witnessing the horrific impact of 9/11 on his community, Heckman founded Daily Acts in 2002. Join the Be the Change Campaign and pledge to grow a garden or save water resources. They are also offering webinars, one today on installing a laundry to landscape greywater system and one later about drip irrigation. Like the organization says, “Every action makes a ripple.” Learn more at DailyActs.org. 

PeacePlayers (Washington D.C.) 

PeacePlayers unites youth living in communities in conflict through sports. Their locations span four different continents, with some programming in Cyprus, Northern Ireland, and South Africa. Since 2005, they have impacted 75,000 children across the globe through 260 schools and nonprofits. This summer, they are offering a virtual camp starting on July 27th for children ages 9-14 to connect with others across the country. Although basketball skills can no longer be learned in person, PeacePlayers is running a program with fun challenges and games that will make it feel like “a true basketball camp experience.” Interested in participating or sharing this opportunity with others? Go to PeacePlayers.org for more information. 

Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela!

Thank you for teaching others the importance of living in a more peaceful and just world.

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