Why do the right thing?
“Because it’s the only thing worth doing”
-Sarah Covey


Born from a family of strong and inspiring women, Sarah Covey was never given a good reason to doubt herself or her passions. This sort of organic confidence is perhaps the best fertilizer for success, which Sarah has achieved as VP of competitions for Verb, Inc., an organization dedicated to supporting social entrepreneurs in their mission to solve the world’s most pressing problems with funding, resources, and media exposure. She describes these global entrepreneurship competitions as an engine to fuel the growth of young companies and transform the way they approach their business models. Personal success seems secondary at best for Sarah compared to the selfless feeling of helping others find their purpose.

She doesn’t stop at dedicating her career to making a positive impact. As an active member of the Junior League of Austin, Sarah delivers the invaluable lessons taught to her by her family and career experiences by developing the potential of women and improving the local community through partnerships with other non-profits like Girls Empowerment Network and Food in Tummies. Her passion for women’s empowerment and voluntarism embodies the philosophy of Verb’s familiar motto: “Because actions speak louder.”

Asking Sarah why she dedicates so much effort to helping other flourish is almost like asking why a fish swims in the ocean. “It’s the only thing worth doing,” she says, “ I’m lucky because my work with social entrepreneurs is incredibly fulfilling. I get to see people follow their passions and fulfill their dreams on a regular basis, and I think that, if we have been able to help them (even in a small way), I have had a hand in changing the world.”

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