The dudes at Charity Charge have a dude-centric charity we need you to know about.

ZERO: The End of Prostate Cancer is spearheading a movement to eliminate prostate cancer. Founded in 1996 by the American Urological Association, the American Cancer Society, and US TOO prostate cancer support network, ZERO was modeled after the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Originally known as the National Prostate Cancer Coalition, ZERO has changed their name to align with their vision: “ZERO prostate cancer deaths and ZERO pain and suffering.”

ZERO’s mission is to exterminate prostate cancer by educating and offering support for men and their families whilst furthering research. ZERO’s number one hope is that our generation will be free of prostate cancer. In the past, doctor visits were seen as a sign of weakness for men but times are changing and cultural practices may aid ZERO’s vision. Their mission is to turn the notion of weakness on its head and make proactive doctors visits a sign of strength and smarts. Timely detection of the disease has saved over 120,000 lives through the Drive Against Prostate Cancer Program, just one of the many resources offered by the nonprofit.

Ninety-eight cents of every dollar donated is allocated for advancing research and programs. Again: Ninety-eight percent of collected funds go to research.

ZERO’s distinction as a 501(c)(3) charity with four stars (as recognized by the Better Business Bureau member Charity Navigator), shows their commitment to excellence. Jamie Bearse, President and Chief Executive Officer, has upheld that high standard for the past 13 years. Bearse has demonstrated his dedication for the cause by participating in the Marine Corps Marathon and creating the endurance team program. The program has since evolved to include 130 plus athletes across the U.S. In 2013, Bearse initiated a patient co-pay relief program, which has supplied upwards of $40 million in financial aid to more than 12,000 patients. Additionally, Bearse is responsible for starting the largest men’s health event series in America by establishing ZERO’s signature programs to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

ZERO has a vast number of resources that aid patients and survivors of prostate cancer raise awareness and share experiences. Prostate cancer is aggressive and can progress rapidly, even if detected after the early stages. The symptoms may include frequent urination, painful urination, difficulty in releasing or holding urine, or painful ejaculation among others. Treatment for the disease varies upon the stage but vaccine treatments, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and bone-directed treatment have proved successful.

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