“Feeling alive is such a gift and why not give the gift of living to all!”
-Teresa Green

Giving is natural. It’s almost like an instinct–a reflex triggered by an awareness of others’ suffering. It’s why we stop to ask someone who tripped on the sidewalk during their morning run if they’re okay even though we’re already late for work. It’s why we donate to communities we had never heard of before after watching a violent hurricane tear through the coast on the news. It’s who we are. And it’s definitely who Teresa Green is.

Even after surviving breast cancer, five surgeries and a divorce, she has never stopped supporting important causes. “Honestly charity fills the soul,” Teresa says when speaking on her personal efforts to help the art community, social entrepreneurs, and people born mentally or physically disadvantaged. We’ve all felt what she is talking about at some point. We’ve all experienced that spiritual contentment that follows any selfless pursuit, and we know it to be as real as anything.

“Feeling alive is such a gift and why not give the gift of living to all!” Teresa declares with the comforting confidence of a doctor who has found the cure to a common illness. She demonstrates that in giving to others, you receive peace within yourself–regardless of the circumstances. Nothing could spill Teresa’s cup once it was filled. Not even cancer. And now she is running from rooftop to rooftop to spread the word that empathetic action “fills the soul” like sunlight warms the oceans and washes over the entire earth. Teresa isn’t just fulfilled. She’s overflowing.

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