Ventana Ballet

The Charity Charge Show: EP 29: AJ Garcia-Rameau, Director of Ventana Ballet


In episode 29 of The Charity Charge Show, Stephen Garten chats AJ Garcia-Rameau, Director of Ventana Ballet.

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Ventana Ballet is a professional dance company based in Austin, TX, specializing in contemporary ballet dance performance. The word ventana, meaning window, embodies the company’s organizational mission and vision, seeking to provide inspiration, accessibility, opportunity, and technical structure.

Ventana Ballet’s Mission is to provide artistically relevant, technically proficient, and publicly accessible dance performance and education opportunities to the community. Ventana Ballet’s Vision is to inspire, entertain, and educate audiences through a disciplined and innovative approach on presenting next-generation choreographic works.

Ventana Ballet is fiscally sponsored by the nonprofit organization, Austin Creative Alliance.

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Featured photo by: Lynn Lane

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