The Charity Charge Show: E06: Don Wettrick – Founder of StartEdUp


In Episode 6 of the Charity Charge Show, the founder of Charity Charge chats with Don Wettrick, the Founder of StartEdUp and the STARTedUP Foundation.

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StartEdUp is a global network of the most renowned innovators, educators and entrepreneurs. They define and employ the tactics of real innovation and leave the buzzwords in the dust. Their nonprofit wing, The STARTedUP Foundation, empowers student entrepreneurs and innovators with collaborative, immersive experiences, accelerator programs, and the first seed fund for students 14-18. Our goal is to prepare students to be enterprising contributors in this changing world.

Preparing students to be enterprising contributors in this changing world. Whether its the power of brainstorming real solutions to real problems, collaborating with local businesses, or the opportunity to network with peers and professionals that makes it worthwhile, their students consistently come back to what they call one of the most valuable experiences of their lives.


Header Photo: by Sadie Hunter


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