In episode 49 of the Charity Charge Show Stephen interviews Cory Ames Co-founder and CEO of Grow Ensemble.

In this episode of the Charity Charge Show, Stephen interviews Grow Ensemble’s co-founder and CEO Cory Ames. Grow Ensemble is a media and marketing company that is focused on social impact and sustainable business. In this interview, Stephen and Cory discuss digital marketing, podcasting, the ups and downs of founding a nonprofit/social enterprise, and so much more. In this article, we compiled highlights from Stephen and Cory’s interview. Listen to the full podcast here. 

Here’s a snippet from Cory on the podcast:

In the essence of thinking about the system, think about how it can possibly be sustained at some consistent frequency, be at once a week or twice a month, or overtime. Usually, that leads you to think, “Okay, I as an individual, or we as an organization are going to do a podcast, but I as an individual can’t possibly do it all.” We have a lot of working components for our podcast, but from start to finish, I’ve really thought through how can I make sure that I’m spending my time in kind of as few places as possible, but the places that I think are maybe the most valuable for the quality of the show or what kind of things only I can do as the host. That’s usually guest research. Kind of isolating or identifying potential guests, then obviously recording the episodes and continuing a good relationship with guests there afterward. But from start to finish, we identify who we might want to have on the show, or we get referred guests all the time, we send them a link to Calendly and the calendar scheduler.

It’s a big team that works behind the operation. But we went through step by step when we were starting to show a batch, six or so episodes to start. I tried to edit the first two myself and realized I couldn’t even publish these, these are so bad, so I had to find editors to work with right away. Luckily they’ve been consistent and really exceptional so it’s been nice to have that piece but it was all thinking about, “Okay, now how can I limit the amount of immediate time spent on the whole logistics of the process, to free myself up to the things that I think were most enriching for myself.” Personally, to make sure I enjoyed it. And you know what, I think that led to the show sustaining.

Want to hear more for Cory and Stephen? Check out the full episode!

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