In Episode 70 of the Charity Charge Show, Stephen talks with Baron Jay Littleton, President and Founder of the Baron Jay Foundation

In Episode 70 of the Charity Charge Show, Stephen talks with Baron Jay Littleton, President and Founder of the Baron Jay Foundation, with the mission to motivate and empower economically disadvantaged individuals — especially youth — to become productive and contributing members of society. They discuss the power of mentorship and Mr. Littleton’s decision to start his own foundation.

Baron Jay Littleton founded the Baron Jay Foundation in 2004 to give back to disadvantaged communities in ways that can truly make a difference. He is committed to using his business savvy, experience as a motivational speaker, and celebrity image as a positive role model to uplifting disadvantaged youth, especially in urban America and in Africa. Mr. Littleton believes that computer literacy – along with English skills development and financial literacy – are keys to closing the global digital divide.

On what Baron would tell his younger self:
This was actually taught to me in a class from a from an instructor. She said, “Baron, you need to partner with other established nonprofits in the area.” That’s what I would tell my younger self, and I think someone had told me that, and then I actually utilize that wisdom. I reached out to other nonprofits that were more established and did partnerships with them. Not all of them wanted to do a partnership. Not everybody got back to me, because they don’t know who I am or what I’m doing. But once I started doing the work, they wanted to partner. I would also tell myself not to wait to partner or wait to get money to start doing the work. Start doing the work now, with the resources and the money that you have right now. You have resources. You have time. Then also you have some money. You can start off with those resources. And once people in the communities see what you’re doing, then they’re going to reach out for partnerships. Or when you reach out, they’re going to want to partner because they see the work that you’re doing in the community. That’s exactly what happened because I started doing the work and not counting on their support or help. And that’s when they wanted to partner with us.

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