The Charity Charge Show: EP 27: Preston L. James, II – CEO of Divinc


In episode 27 of The Charity Charge Show, Stephen Garten chats with Preston L. James, II,  CEO of Divinc.

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DivInc transforms the existing entrepreneur tech ecosystem into a more authentically inclusive environment. Through their efforts, they inspire, empower and enable underrepresented founders to build successful high growth businesses. The organization aims to unleash the untapped and hidden innovative talent within communities and generate an entrepreneur mindset shift for generations to come. Divinc believes diversity and inclusion drive innovation. Through programming, they help build a more authentically inclusive innovation ecosystem. Since 2016, they’ve provided 64 founders and 49 tech and tech enabled companies with critical strategies to succeed and grow their startups.

DivInc’s accelerator program is an intensive 12-week startup accelerator that provides a unique culture of support and best equips people of color and women entrepreneurs with strategies critical to creating exceptional companies, driving job creation, and contributing to strong economic growth.  Additionally, the program is designed to drive focus toward product solution fit and accelerate business development and growth by providing access to essential resources.

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