5 Social Purpose Gifts for Holiday Giving

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


If you couldn’t tell already, our team is extremely passionate about social good and the spirit of giving. As the holidays peak around the corner, and malls become jammed with last minute shoppers, we wanted to share with you all a list of some of our favorite social purpose gifts.


The holidays are a time of giving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay true to your values of social good. This Christmas, give more than just a gift to a loved one; with your gifting choices, empower a woman, a refugee, or even a whole community! Here’s a quick list of 5 incredible social purpose gifts to choose from:


Sitti Soap

Social Purpose Gifts_sitti_soap2

These all natural, olive oil soaps are handcrafted by Palestinian refugees in the Jerash Refugee camp in Jordan. All soaps are free of toxins, preservatives, animal by-products, alcohol and additives. Through Sitti Soap, the women of the Jerash Refugee Camp are learning new skills while making an income through the social enterprise model. The workshops have also led Sitti Soap to partner with Hopes for Women in Education to provide employment opportunities to graduates of their higher-education scholarship program.


Wize Monkey

Social Purpose Gifts_wize_monkey

With an aim to break the cycle of poverty evident in coffee communities, Wize Monkey has become a delicious and zero waste product aiding coffee farmers with annual income, harvesting coffee leaves to make tea! In Nicaragua, coffee bean harvesting occurs between the months of December and March. This leaves farmers and workers 8 months of the year without an income. Thanks to Wize Monkey’s innovative solution to this economic crisis, these coffee farming communities stay employed all year round, keeping food on the table and kids in school, away from taking odd jobs throughout the off season.


Lubanzi Wine

Social Purpose Gifts_lubanzi_wine

This social enterprise wine company, hailing from South Africa, is empowering low-income families in the region through proper access to healthcare and education. Lubanzi, a name inspired by a stray pup that followed the companies co-founders on their journey through South Africa, works with local winemakers and growers bringing the excellency of South African winemaking to North America and beyond.



Social Purpose Gifts_divona

DIVONA is all about empowering women. The social enterprise perfume brand helps women create personal and unique scents based on a personality and scent quiz, while giving back to female survivors of abuse and human trafficking. With every perfume purchase, $2 is donated towards a care package for a survivor of abuse and trafficking, and distributed through their nonprofit partners, Canadian Women’s Foundation and Redefining Refuge. DIVONA perfumes are 100% cruelty, phthalate and paraben-free and will inspire any scent lover on your list.


734 Coffee

Social Purpose Gifts_734_coffee

Named after the geographical coordinates for Gambela, Ethiopia, a place of refuge for over 200,000 Sudanese refugees, 734 is more than just a number, and the coffee is deeper than just your morning cup. 734 Coffee is harvested by growers in the Gambela region before being shipped out to the US. 80% of all profits go back into funding the social enterprise’s scholarships and education programs for Sudanese refugees. Isn’t it incredible what just one cup of coffee can do?




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