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14 Great Asheville Nonprofits Driving Change

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina, is a city celebrated not only for its scenic beauty but also for its vibrant community spirit and strong commitment to social and environmental causes.

This article delves into the rich tapestry of Asheville nonprofits that are catalysts for change, each playing a crucial role in shaping the city’s landscape across various sectors such as healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, and the arts.

These Asheville nonprofits embody the city’s progressive values, working tirelessly to empower, protect, and enrich the lives of its residents and the natural environment.

Asheville Nonprofits Driving Change

1. Asheville GreenWorks

asheville nonprofits

  • Mission: Asheville GreenWorks strives to enhance the environmental health and sustainability of Asheville through community-based, volunteer-led initiatives, focusing on long-term ecological benefits.
  • History: A cornerstone of Asheville nonprofits, founded in the 1970s, this organization quickly became a leader in local environmental advocacy, establishing deep roots in the community through ongoing environmental projects and partnerships.
  • Impact: Has planted thousands of trees, cleaned up rivers, and engaged community members in sustainability practices, significantly improving Asheville’s natural landscapes and urban environments while fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

2. MANNA FoodBank

asheville nonprofits

  • Mission: MANNA FoodBank works to involve, educate, and unite people in the work of ending hunger in Western North Carolina, emphasizing community collaboration and advocacy.
  • History: Since its inception in 1982, MANNA FoodBank has grown from a small operation into a crucial regional hub among Asheville nonprofits for hunger relief efforts, continually expanding its reach and services.
  • Impact: Distributes millions of pounds of food each year, providing essential support to individuals and families in need and effectively reducing food insecurity across multiple counties.

3. Homeward Bound of WNC

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  • Mission: Homeward Bound of WNC aims to prevent and end homelessness in the region by providing permanent housing solutions and support services, emphasizing dignity and long-term stability for clients.
  • History: Established in 2006, Homeward Bound has evolved its strategies and services to become a leading advocate among Asheville nonprofits for the homeless, adapting to changing needs and challenges.
  • Impact: Has successfully housed thousands of individuals and families, drastically reducing homelessness and transforming lives in Asheville, and proving the effectiveness of its housing-first approach.

4. Asheville Humane Society

asheville nonprofits

  • Mission: Asheville Humane Society promotes the compassionate treatment of animals in the community through education, sheltering, and adoption, aiming to inspire and foster responsible pet ownership.
  • History: Founded in the 1980s, the organization has developed comprehensive animal welfare programs that address both immediate needs and systemic issues.
  • Impact: Rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes thousands of animals each year and provides critical community resources for pet owners, significantly enhancing animal welfare in the region.

5. Mountain BizWorks

asheville nonprofits

  • Mission: Mountain BizWorks aims to build a vibrant and inclusive entrepreneurial community in Western North Carolina by providing tailored business education and financing, fostering innovation and economic diversity.
  • History: Since its establishment in 1989, Mountain BizWorks has been a catalyst among Asheville nonprofits for economic development, offering extensive support services to entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Impact: Has helped launch and expand thousands of businesses, creating jobs and enhancing the local economy through entrepreneurship, demonstrating a profound impact on regional economic health.

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6. Asheville Area Arts Council

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  • Mission: The Asheville Area Arts Council advances the arts in Asheville and Buncombe County by providing funding, education, and networking opportunities, thereby enriching the community’s cultural fabric.
  • History: Established in the early 1960s, the Council has become a vital resource for artists and arts organizations, promoting a thriving arts environment.
  • Impact: Supports dozens of arts organizations and hundreds of artists each year, enhancing the cultural landscape and making the arts accessible to a wider audience, thus playing a key role in the cultural vitality of Asheville.

7. Pisgah Legal Services

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  • Mission: Pisgah Legal Services provides free legal assistance to low-income residents to help them resolve crises, strengthen families, and improve lives, focusing on advocacy and empowerment.
  • History: Founded in 1978, Pisgah Legal Services has been a critical provider of legal aid among Asheville nonprofits, adapting over the years to meet the growing and changing needs of the community.
  • Impact: Assists thousands annually in legal matters ranging from domestic violence protection to housing and consumer rights, ensuring justice for the underserved and significantly impacting the community by reducing legal barriers.

8. Black Mountain Home for Children

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  • Mission: To provide a safe, supportive, and healing environment for children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected, emphasizing the restoration of the child’s sense of security and self-worth.
  • History: One of the longest running Asheville nonprofits (originating in the early 1900s,) the Home has long been a refuge for vulnerable children, adapting over the decades to meet changing needs while maintaining a stable, caring environment.
  • Impact: Offers a range of services from residential care to transitional living, helping children heal and grow in a nurturing environment, and preparing them for successful adulthood with comprehensive life skills training.

9. RiverLink

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  • Mission: To revitalize and protect the French Broad River as a natural and economic asset for Asheville and its surroundings, focusing on sustainable development and environmental education.
  • History: Since 1987, RiverLink has spearheaded environmental and economic development initiatives along the river, becoming a key player among Asheville nonprofits in local conservation efforts.
  • Impact: Enhances water quality, promotes public access, and drives economic development through conservation and community engagement, resulting in improved recreational opportunities and increased local business revenue.

10. Verner Center for Early Learning

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  • Mission: To provide high-quality early childhood education and development services with a focus on sustainability and holistic health, aiming to integrate environmental stewardship into early learning.
  • History: Verner has evolved since its founding in the 1970s to become a leader among Asheville nonprofits in early childhood education in the area, continuously expanding its programs to include innovative educational approaches.
  • Impact: Educates hundreds of children each year, providing them with a strong foundation for lifelong learning and development, while also supporting families with community resources and parenting education.

11. Asheville Music School

asheville nonprofits

  • Mission: To enrich the local community through music education and performance opportunities for people of all ages, aiming to make music accessible to all, regardless of economic background.
  • History: Founded in 1996, the school has become a hub among Asheville nonprofits for musical learning, offering lessons, ensembles, and scholarships, and has grown to include a wide range of musical styles and instruments.
  • Impact: Touches the lives of over 500 students annually, fostering musical talent and appreciation throughout Asheville, and enhancing community culture through public performances and events.

12. Helpmate

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  • Mission: To provide services and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence, working towards a community free from abuse, and promoting awareness about domestic violence issues.
  • History: Helpmate has been an advocate and support system for domestic violence survivors since the 1970s, consistently expanding its services to meet the needs of the community.
  • Impact: Offers comprehensive support services that include shelter, counseling, and legal assistance, significantly aiding survivors in overcoming trauma and rebuilding their lives, while also working to prevent violence through community education and outreach.

13. Asheville Art Museum

asheville nonprofits

  • Mission: To transform lives through art by collecting, exhibiting, and interpreting art of the 20th and 21st centuries with an emphasis on work from the American South, fostering a deeper understanding of the rich cultural heritage of the region.
  • History: Established in 1948, the museum has played a pivotal role among Asheville nonprofits in promoting fine arts in the region, continually adapting its exhibits to reflect contemporary art movements and community interests.
  • Impact: Engages tens of thousands of visitors each year with its exhibitions, educational programs, and community outreach initiatives, serving as a vital cultural resource and enhancing the artistic landscape of Asheville.

14. Blue Ridge Public Radio

asheville nonprofits

  • Mission: To deepen understanding and promote dialogue through objective, high-quality journalism and cultural programming, providing a trusted source of information and a voice for diverse community perspectives.
  • History: Since its founding in 1984, Blue Ridge Public Radio has been a vital source of news, culture, and discussion for Western North Carolina, consistently adapting to the evolving media landscape.
  • Impact: Reaches over 100,000 listeners weekly, providing them with critical news, insightful analysis, and a platform for community connection, playing an essential role in informing and engaging the public in local and global issues.

The enduring efforts of these Asheville nonprofits underscore the transformative power of community activism and demonstrate how collective action can significantly influence a city’s development. These organizations embody the spirit of Asheville by continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation to address a myriad of pressing issues, from environmental conservation to social equity.

Their stories do more than inspire—they galvanize us to become active participants in their missions. By supporting these Asheville nonprofits through volunteering, financial contributions, or simply spreading the word, every member of the community can play a part in sustaining the dynamic spirit that defines Asheville.

Furthermore, these efforts enrich the social fabric and enhance the overall well-being of the area. The remarkable achievements of these Asheville nonprofits stand as a testament to the strength and resilience of Asheville’s community, setting a strong foundation for a future that holds promise for even greater inclusivity and prosperity for all its residents. This collective journey not only enriches our present but also ensures a vibrant legacy for generations to come.

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