9 Best Donor Management Software for Nonprofits

Donor management software is critical for any nonprofit organization. It helps manage donations, keep track of donors, and create reports. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one for your organization?

There are a few things to consider when choosing donor management software.

First, you need to decide what features are most important to you.

For example, some software programs offer more comprehensive reporting than others.

You also need to consider how easy the software is to use. Some programs are designed for nonprofits of all sizes, while others are better suited for smaller organizations.

Finally, you need to think about price.

Donor management software can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It’s important to find a program that fits your budget and meets your organization’s needs.

We will go over many of these details in this post to help make your decision easier.

Top Donor Management Software


Zeffy – Free Donor Management Platform

Zeffy - Free Donor Management Platform

Zeffy is revolutionizing the nonprofit sector by offering a completely free donor management platform that empowers organizations to streamline their fundraising activities without incurring any costs.

This innovative solution allows charities, nonprofit organizations, and other fundraising entities to consolidate all their supporter information in a single, easily accessible location.

By eliminating financial barriers, Zeffy ensures that organizations of all sizes can focus on what truly matters—advancing their mission and making a greater impact.

Key Advantages:

  • Cost Efficiency: With Zeffy, there are no hidden fees or subscriptions, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to maximize their resources. This platform is committed to providing top-tier services at no charge, ensuring that funds can be directed towards your cause rather than software expenses.
  • Comprehensive Donor Management: Zeffy allows you to keep all your supporter data organized in one place. From contact information to donation history, everything is easily accessible, enabling you to build stronger relationships with your donors.
  • Advanced Segmentation: The platform offers powerful tools to manage and segment your donor database effectively. Custom tags and smart filters let you categorize your supporters based on various criteria, such as donation size, frequency, interests, and more. This segmentation capability ensures you can tailor your communication and engage with your donors in the most meaningful way.

Features Breakdown:

  • Donation History Overview: Gain insights into each supporter’s donation history, allowing you to acknowledge their contributions appropriately and foster long-term loyalty.
  • Personalized Notes and Comments: Attach notes and comments to each donor profile. This feature helps you record important information, preferences, and interactions, ensuring personalized and informed communication.
  • Smart Filters for Enhanced Understanding: Utilize smart filters to delve deeper into your donor database. Understand patterns, preferences, and potential areas of interest among your supporters to tailor your strategies effectively.
  • Personalized Email Communication: With Zeffy, sending personalized emails to your supporters is straightforward. Whether it’s thanking them for a recent donation, updating them on project progress, or inviting them to events, personalized communication helps strengthen your relationship with each donor.
  • Targeted Email Campaigns: Leverage the platform’s segmentation tools to send targeted emails to specific donor segments. This approach ensures that your messages are relevant and engaging, increasing the likelihood of positive responses and continued support.

In summary, Zeffy offers a comprehensive, user-friendly, and entirely free donor management solution designed to enhance your fundraising efforts.

By leveraging Zeffy’s features, nonprofit organizations can build stronger relationships with their supporters, understand their donor base better, and execute targeted communication strategies effectively, all while saving on software costs.

This platform is an invaluable tool for any organization looking to optimize its fundraising initiatives and deepen its impact.

Pricing: Zeffy is Free for nonprofits.

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Bloomerang – Donor Database

Bloomerang - Donor Database

Bloomerang is a comprehensive donor database platform engineered to transform the way nonprofits interact with their donors, enhancing donor retention and optimizing fundraising efforts.

Designed by leading experts in the fundraising field, Bloomerang addresses the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations, enabling them to nurture stronger relationships with their supporters.

Core Benefits:

  • Enhanced Donor Retention: Bloomerang’s intuitive platform helps nonprofits keep their donors engaged, reducing attrition and fostering long-term loyalty. By understanding donor sentiments and leveraging effective communication strategies, organizations can maintain a vibrant donor base.
  • Effective Communication: The platform offers tools to streamline communication with your constituents, ensuring that messages are timely, relevant, and impactful. This leads to more meaningful interactions and stronger connections with your donors.
  • Major Gift Prospect Identification: With Bloomerang, you can easily identify potential major gift donors through wealth screening and engagement metrics. This feature allows you to focus your efforts on high-impact prospects and tailor your fundraising strategies accordingly.
  • Insightful Reporting: Bloomerang provides reporting tools that focus on the metrics that truly matter to your organization. From donor engagement levels to fundraising performance, you can access insights that drive strategic decisions and foster growth.
  • Comprehensive Constituent Management: Beyond donors, Bloomerang enables you to manage all facets of your constituent ecosystem, including volunteers, sponsors, and grant givers. This holistic approach ensures that every interaction contributes to your organization’s mission.


Key Features:

  • Interactive Dashboard: A user-friendly dashboard offers a quick overview of your fundraising activities, donor engagement, and other key metrics, allowing for immediate insights and actions.
  • Donor CRM: Centralize all your donor information in one place with Bloomerang’s donor CRM. Track interactions, donation history, and personal preferences to tailor your outreach and deepen donor relationships.
  • Engagement Meter: This innovative tool measures the engagement level of your donors, providing valuable insights into their commitment to your cause. Use this information to adjust your strategies and improve retention rates.
  • Wealth Screening: Identify high-potential donors with Bloomerang’s wealth screening feature. By understanding the financial capacity of your supporters, you can tailor your asks and cultivate major gifts more effectively.
  • Data Segmentation: Segment your donor database based on various criteria such as donation history, engagement level, and interests. This allows for more targeted and effective communication campaigns.
  • Software Integrations: Bloomerang integrates seamlessly with a variety of other software tools, enhancing efficiency and ensuring that you can leverage the best technologies across all aspects of your nonprofit operations.

Bloomerang’s donor database platform is more than just a tool; it’s a strategic partner that empowers nonprofits to focus on their mission while achieving.

Pricing: Starting at $125/m

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Little Green Light – Donor Management Software


Little Green Light (LGL) offers a comprehensive donor management software that is designed to simplify and enhance the way nonprofits manage their relationships with donors.

This all-encompassing platform is built with the needs of nonprofit organizations in mind, providing a seamless, integrated solution that works alongside the tools you already use.

With Little Green Light, you can consolidate your donor data into one centralized online system, making it easier than ever to manage your fundraising efforts and donor relations.


  • Centralized Donor Management: Keep all your donor information in one accessible place. From contact details to donation history, LGL allows you to maintain a complete view of your interactions with each donor, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • Effortless Data Migration: Transitioning to Little Green Light is stress-free thanks to its powerful import tool. You can easily migrate your existing data into LGL, and with complete export capabilities, your data remains portable and adaptable to your evolving needs.
  • Real-Time Insights and Alerts: Stay informed with quick access to the most pertinent information. LGL provides real-time fundraising totals, alerts, and updates that keep you in the loop and ready to act on the latest developments.
  • Advanced Search and List Management: Create and save custom lists with ease, making it simple to segment your donors for targeted mailings, reports, and more. This feature ensures that you can communicate effectively and efficiently with different groups within your donor base.
  • Comprehensive Communication Tracking: Record and track all forms of communication with your donors, including mailings, emails, and meetings. LGL’s integrated calendar helps you manage tasks and follow-ups, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to engage with your supporters.
  • Detailed Gift and Fundraising Tracking: Monitor all gift contributions and track the success of your fundraising campaigns in one place. This feature allows you to analyze trends, measure impact, and adjust your strategies to maximize fundraising efforts.

Customization and Cost Transparency:

Little Green Light stands out for its adaptability and transparent pricing. The platform’s suite of tools can be customized to fit the unique needs of your organization, ensuring that you have the functionality you need without unnecessary complexity.

Additionally, LGL is committed to affordability, with clear, upfront pricing and no hidden costs. This approach makes it an attractive option for nonprofits of all sizes, providing them with a powerful toolset without straining their budgets.

In summary, Little Green Light’s donor management software offers a user-friendly, comprehensive solution for nonprofit organizations looking to streamline their donor management processes.

With its array of features designed to simplify data management, enhance communication, and improve fundraising efforts, LGL empowers nonprofits to focus more on their mission and less on administrative tasks.

Pricing: Starting at $45/m

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GiveButter – Donor Management

GiveButter - Donor Management

GiveButter is a cutting-edge donor management platform that redefines how nonprofit organizations engage with their supporters. With its focus on simplicity and efficiency, GiveButter provides instant access to any supporter’s information and history through a comprehensive contact profile.

This feature-rich platform is designed to make donor management as effortless as possible, allowing organizations to focus on what they do best: making a difference.

Centralized Contact Profiles:

At the heart of GiveButter’s platform is the ability to view all of a contact’s details in one unified place. This includes not just basic contact information but also a total overview of their contributions, recurring donations, and a complete activity history. By having this wealth of information at your fingertips, you can build stronger, more personalized relationships with your supporters.

Key Features:

  • Duplicate Contact Management: GiveButter helps maintain the integrity of your contact data by identifying and merging any duplicate or redundant contacts. This ensures that your database is always clean, up-to-date, and reliable.
  • Enhanced Contact Insights: Add notes directly to contact profiles or any of their timeline events to provide additional context and depth to your supporter records. These notes can capture personal interactions, preferences, or any details that can help tailor your engagement strategies.
  • Flexible Organization and Filtering: With custom tags, such as “VIP Supporter,” “Alumni,” or any other category you find useful, organizing and filtering your contacts becomes a breeze. This feature allows you to segment your database effectively, enabling targeted communication and engagement strategies.
  • Custom Fields for Unique Information: Recognizing that every organization has unique needs, GiveButter allows you to create custom fields within contact profiles. Whether it’s tracking t-shirt sizes for event giveaways or dietary preferences for fundraising dinners, you can tailor the platform to collect and manage the specific information that matters to your organization.

Empowering Organizations:

GiveButter is more than just a donor management tool; it’s an empowerment platform for nonprofits of all sizes.

By streamlining the process of managing donor information and enhancing the ability to engage with supporters on a personal level, GiveButter enables organizations to not only retain their current donor base but also to attract new supporters.

The platform’s intuitive design and robust feature set make it an ideal choice for any nonprofit looking to upgrade their donor management and engagement efforts.

In essence, GiveButter offers a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for managing donor relationships. Its focus on data cleanliness, personalized engagement, and customizable tracking positions it as a valuable asset for nonprofits aiming to enhance their fundraising efforts and deepen connections with their supporters.

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Funraise – Simple Nonprofit Donor Management Software


Funraise revolutionizes the nonprofit sector with its straightforward yet powerful donor management software, designed specifically to foster and monitor supporter relationships with unparalleled ease.

Recognizing the critical need for nonprofits to maintain detailed, organized, and accessible supporter data, Funraise offers a solution that is not only intuitive but also integrates seamlessly with a plethora of tools and applications, enhancing its utility without adding to your costs.

Comprehensive Data Management:

  • Centralized Donor Information: Funraise consolidates all your donor data into a single, easily navigable platform. This means you can access, edit, and manage comprehensive donor profiles, including giving history, contact details, and engagement records, without the need to juggle multiple systems or databases.
  • Dynamic Supporter Lists: With advanced filtering capabilities, Funraise allows you to create and save dynamic lists of supporters based on a variety of criteria such as donation history, demographic data, and custom tags. This feature is invaluable for tailoring communication and engagement strategies to specific segments of your donor base.

Enhanced Donor Relationships:

  • Family and Group Connections: Understanding the collective impact of families or groups is made simple with Funraise. By connecting related supporters within the platform, you can gain insights into the broader network of your donor base, enhancing relationship building and stewardship efforts.
  • Comprehensive Communication Tracking: Keep a detailed record of all interactions with your supporters, from emails and phone calls to in-person meetings, within Funraise’s user-friendly interface. This centralized documentation helps ensure that every touch-point is accounted for, enabling personalized and consistent communication.

Personalized Engagement Strategies:

  • Supporter Portfolio Assignment: Boost donor retention and cultivate deeper personal relationships by assigning staff members their own supporter portfolios. This approach not only distributes the workload effectively but also allows team members to develop specialized knowledge and rapport with their assigned supporters, leading to more meaningful engagements.

Key Advantages:

  • Custom Data Reports: Funraise goes beyond basic data storage by providing custom report generation capabilities. This feature enables your team to analyze trends, measure campaign effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions to enhance fundraising strategies.
  • Ease of Use and Flexibility: Designed with the end-user in mind, Funraise prioritizes a hassle-free experience without compromising on functionality. Its flexibility and ease of use, coupled with the ability to integrate with popular tools, make it a standout choice for nonprofits looking to streamline their donor management processes.

In summary, Funraise’s donor management software is a game-changer for nonprofits seeking a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive solution for managing supporter relationships.

Its blend of advanced features, user-friendly design, and integration capabilities offers a unique platform that empowers organizations to not only manage their donor data effectively but also to deepen relationships and drive fundraising success.

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Classy – Donor Management and Reporting Hub

Classy - Donor Management and Reporting Hub

Classy Manager stands out as a comprehensive donor management and reporting hub designed specifically for the modern nonprofit. This powerful platform serves as the command center for all your fundraising activities, offering an array of tools to manage campaigns, track performance, engage supporters, and much more.

With Classy Manager, you gain unparalleled visibility into your fundraising efforts and donor interactions, enabling you to cultivate relationships and drive success with greater efficiency.

Centralized Campaign Management:

  • Unified Fundraising Overview: Classy Manager consolidates all your fundraising campaigns into one intuitive interface. This holistic view allows you to monitor current campaigns, track overall performance, and strategize for future initiatives from a single dashboard.
  • Supporter Engagement Insights: Dive into the online fundraising histories of your individual supporters to uncover valuable insights. Understanding each supporter’s journey enables you to tailor engagement strategies and enhance their involvement in future campaigns.

Performance Tracking and Reporting:

  • Comprehensive Campaign Analytics: Gain a high-level overview of your campaign’s performance or delve into the specifics of historical data. Classy Manager’s robust reporting tools allow you to analyze trends, measure impact, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Custom Report Building: Beyond pre-defined reports, Classy Manager offers the flexibility to build custom reports tailored to your organization’s unique needs. This feature ensures that you can access the precise data needed to inform your decision-making process.

Enhanced Donor Communications:

  • Automated Email Campaigns: Strengthen your connection with supporters through automated email communications. Classy Manager enables you to craft personalized messages that keep donors informed about their impact and your mission’s progress. This ongoing engagement fosters a deeper sense of community and commitment among your supporters.

Key Advantages:

  • Edit Recurring Gifts: With Classy Manager, you have the ability to manage and edit recurring donations easily. This functionality ensures that you can swiftly respond to donor requests, update payment information, and maintain a steady stream of support.
  • Flexible and User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s design emphasizes user experience, combining flexibility with a straightforward interface. This approach ensures that your team can quickly adapt to using Classy Manager, regardless of their technical expertise.
  • Scalable Solution for Nonprofits: Whether you’re managing a handful of campaigns or overseeing a complex fundraising strategy, Classy Manager scales to meet your needs. Its comprehensive set of features supports organizations of all sizes, making it a versatile choice for any nonprofit looking to enhance its donor management and reporting capabilities.

In summary, Classy Manager offers a dynamic and sophisticated solution for nonprofits seeking to optimize their fundraising efforts.

By providing detailed insights into supporter behavior, comprehensive performance tracking, and effective communication tools, Classy Manager empowers organizations to build stronger relationships with their donors, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately achieve greater fundraising success.

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DonorBox – Donor Management

DonorBox - Donor Management

DonorBox is a donor management platform designed with simplicity and efficiency at its core, enabling nonprofits to foster and maintain lasting relationships with their donors.

This user-friendly software streamlines the process of collecting, analyzing, and utilizing donor information, making it easier than ever for organizations to engage with their supporters effectively.

Effortless Donor Communication Tracking:

  • Comprehensive Donor Profiles: DonorBox allows for the effortless recording of all communications within individual donor profiles. This centralized approach to communication tracking ensures that every interaction, whether inbound or outbound, is documented, providing a complete view of your relationship with each donor.
  • Versatile Communication Tagging: With DonorBox, you can tag communications based on the channel used, such as email, Facebook, or in-person meetings. This feature not only helps in organizing interactions but also in understanding the preferred communication methods of your donors, enabling more personalized and effective outreach.

Advanced Engagement Tools:

  • Seamless Integrations: DonorBox integrates with a range of popular tools like Salesforce and Mailchimp, enhancing your ability to drive strong donor engagement. These integrations allow for a more coordinated approach to donor management and engagement, streamlining workflows and maximizing the impact of your communications.
  • Advanced Donor Filters: Utilize DonorBox’s advanced filtering capabilities to segment your donor database effectively. Whether you’re targeting specific donor demographics, donation amounts, or engagement levels, these filters help you tailor your communications and outreach strategies to meet the unique needs and interests of different donor groups.
  • Capture Donor Moments: With the ability to capture and record key donor moments, DonorBox helps you recognize and celebrate significant interactions and milestones. This feature enables you to build deeper emotional connections with your donors by acknowledging their contributions and involvement in a meaningful way.
  • Personalized Email Campaigns: DonorBox’s platform facilitates the sending of personalized emails to your donors. By leveraging the detailed information stored within donor profiles, you can craft customized messages that resonate on a personal level, enhancing donor satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefits for Nonprofits:

DonorBox is more than just a donor management tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your donor engagement efforts.

By simplifying the management of donor information and communications, DonorBox frees up your time to focus on what matters most—building lasting relationships with your supporters and advancing your organization’s mission.

Whether you’re a small grassroots organization or a large nonprofit, DonorBox provides the features and flexibility you need to succeed in today’s competitive fundraising environment.

In essence, DonorBox offers a powerful, intuitive platform for nonprofits looking to optimize their donor management processes, improve communication strategies, and achieve greater donor retention over time.

Its suite of features, combined with ease of integration and advanced personalization capabilities, makes DonorBox an invaluable asset for any nonprofit seeking to strengthen its donor relationships and boost fundraising success.

Pricing: Free option, or $139/m

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Virtuous is a comprehensive donor management solution tailored specifically for the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.

This cloud-based platform is engineered to streamline the complexities of donor management, offering a suite of tools that empower teams to not only manage but also nurture donor relationships effectively, ensuring that every interaction moves your mission forward.

Personalized Donor Engagement:

  • Individualized Cultivation Plans: With Virtuous, you can create personalized cultivation plans for each donor, ensuring that your engagement strategies are as unique as the supporters behind your cause. This feature allows for deeper connections and more meaningful interactions, leading to increased donor loyalty and giving.
  • Centralized Task Management: Manage all your essential tasks within Virtuous, from overseeing gift pipelines to scaling donor relationship nurturing efforts. The platform’s comprehensive view lets you track the ROI of your engagement strategies easily, ensuring that your efforts are aligned with your organization’s goals.

Enhanced Donor Insights:

  • Unified Donor Profiles: Gain a holistic view of each donor’s history, preferences, and engagement with your organization through a single donor view. This centralized information makes it easier to know who to contact, what to discuss, and how to tailor your communication to resonate with their interests and values.
  • Project-Level Impact Tracking: Virtuous allows you to tie donations back to specific projects, enabling you to provide donors with detailed impact notes related to the projects they care about most. This level of transparency and accountability fosters trust and encourages continued support.

Advanced Data Analysis and Segmentation:

  • Powerful Query Tools: Leverage Virtuous’s easy yet powerful query tools to segment your donor database for targeted direct marketing efforts. These built-in segmentation capabilities enable you to identify and group donors based on various criteria, optimizing your outreach and engagement strategies.
  • Data-Rich Insights: The platform provides data-rich insights into donor behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. These analytics help your team make informed decisions, tailor your fundraising efforts, and ultimately, grow and retain giving more effectively.

Streamlined Nonprofit Operations:

Virtuous is more than just donor management software; it’s a robust platform designed to be the foundation of your organization’s fundraising and engagement efforts.

By automating routine tasks and providing deep insights into donor behavior, Virtuous frees up your team to focus on what really matters—stewarding relationships and advancing your mission.

With its emphasis on personalized engagement, comprehensive task management, and data-driven insights, Virtuous equips nonprofits with the tools they need to grow giving and retain donors in a highly competitive landscape.

It’s the perfect solution for organizations looking to leverage technology to enhance their fundraising strategies, build stronger donor relationships, and achieve greater impact.

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Springly – Customizable Donor Management Software


Springly - Customizable Donor Management Software

Springly emerges as a highly adaptable and efficient donor management software, designed to cater specifically to the nuanced needs of nonprofit organizations.

Its standout feature is its 100% customizability, ensuring that the platform can evolve alongside your organization, remaining perfectly aligned with your operational requirements and community engagement strategies.

With Springly, you gain not just a tool, but a dynamic solution that keeps pace with the latest trends and technologies in donor management.

Comprehensive Community Management:

  • Unified Database: Springly allows you to consolidate all critical stakeholder information—members, donors, volunteers, and prospects—into a single, centralized location. This unified approach simplifies management processes and enhances efficiency across your organization.
  • Secure Data Storage: The platform guarantees the security of your community’s personalized data entries. With SSL certificate encryption, Springly ensures that sensitive information regarding membership status, purchase history, and contact options is protected, offering you and your stakeholders peace of mind.

Advanced Functionality and Ease of Use:

  • Powerful Search Capability: Navigate your extensive database with ease using Springly’s advanced search feature. This functionality enables you to quickly locate specific entries, streamlining access to vital information and improving your team’s productivity.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Import and export data effortlessly with Springly’s Excel integration. This feature facilitates smooth data migration and synchronization, ensuring that your organization’s records are always up-to-date and accurate.
  • Duplicate Account Resolution: Springly’s intelligent system can detect and merge double accounts, eliminating redundancies and maintaining the integrity of your database. This not only saves time but also prevents confusion and errors in your records.
  • Delegated Management: Empower your team by delegating management tasks within the Springly platform. This feature promotes efficiency and accountability, allowing team members to take ownership of specific areas without compromising the overall control and security of your data.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Springly stands out for its commitment to customization and security, offering nonprofit organizations a powerful, user-friendly platform for managing their communities.

Whether you’re tracking donations, managing volunteer activities, or engaging with members and prospects, Springly adapts to your unique requirements, providing a comprehensive suite of tools that enhance your ability to manage, engage, and grow your community effectively.

In essence, Springly offers a robust, secure, and customizable solution for donor and community management. Its blend of powerful features and user-centric design makes it an invaluable asset for any nonprofit seeking to optimize their operations, secure their data, and foster stronger relationships with their community.

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