10 Best Nonprofit Event Software Platforms

Are you looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use software solution to help you manage your nonprofit events?

If so, consider using a modern nonprofit event software platform.

Creating a successful nonprofit event involves a plethora of tasks, ranging from meticulous planning and organization to effective communication and engagement with participants.

The cornerstone of achieving this multifaceted goal lies in selecting the right technology. In today’s digital age, nonprofit event software platforms have emerged as indispensable tools that can significantly streamline event management processes, enhance participant engagement, and ultimately contribute to the event’s success.

These platforms offer a suite of features designed to address the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations, including budget constraints, the need for extensive outreach, and the importance of donor engagement.

In this guide, we will explore the best nonprofit event software platforms that stand out for their robust functionality, user-friendly interfaces, and the ability to deliver a high return on investment.

Whether you’re planning a small-scale local event or a large fundraiser, the right software can make a world of difference in how efficiently and effectively you can reach your goals.

From comprehensive event planning tools that cover every aspect of the event lifecycle to specialized software that focuses on specific needs like ticketing, donations, and attendee engagement, our curated list aims to help you find the perfect technology partner for your next nonprofit event.

Best Nonprofit Event Software Solutions


Classy – Event Registration and Ticketing for Nonprofits

Classy Nonprofit Events

Create custom event registration and ticketing pages, no code needed. Classy Live makes it easy for you to promote your event, your way. Plus, power your event with a full suite of tools designed to maximize giving for nonprofit events.

Mobilize Supporters – Fundraising event pages deliver a single experience to drive ticket purchases or direct donations

Empower Attendees to Fundraise – Personal and team fundraising pages are easy to create and available on any device

Manage Every Detail – Attendee management tools make it easy for anyone to become event staff

Be a Leader in Fundraising Events – Create fundraising events your supporters love to participate in, backed by real-time results and experiences from thousands of nonprofits


  • Event data is quickly segmented, sorted, and exported
  • Ability for attendees the tools to fundraise on your behalf
  • Easy text and social sharing to bring in new donors and funds
  • Automated milestone emails
  • Tickets are created and scheduled alongside your promotions

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Wild Apricot – Nonprofit event software made simple



Wild Apricot is a versatile, all-in-one software solution tailored for small to medium-sized nonprofits, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline event registration, website management, and payment processing. Here’s a summarized overview of its key features:

  • Event Registration and Management: Customizable forms support various event types, with features for multiple registration tiers, early bird rates, and discount codes.
  • Website Management: Enables nonprofits to easily create and manage their own mobile-responsive website, including event pages, blogs, and SEO tools to enhance online visibility.
  • Payment Processing: Integrates secure online payment processing for event registrations, memberships, and donations through various payment gateways.
  • Membership Management: Automates applications, renewals, and communications, fostering a strong community around the nonprofit’s cause.
  • Email Marketing: Offers tools for effective communication with attendees and members, including newsletters and event updates.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Provides insights into event performance, website traffic, and membership engagement to inform future strategies.
  • Mobile App: Includes a mobile app for both organizers and members, allowing for on-the-go management.

Wild Apricot’s rich feature set makes it an ideal choice for nonprofits looking to efficiently manage events, engage their community, and grow their online presence, all within a single platform.

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Givebutter – Fundraising Events

Nonprofit Event Software - Givebutter

Run engaging in-person, virtual, and hybrid events with cutting-edge, easy-to-use tools.

Virtual Events – Engage a broader audience with a pre-recorded or live YouTube, Facebook, or Zoom video right alongside your campaign story, real-time goal bar, and supporter feed

In-Person Events – Promote your event, sell tickets, collect donations, and check in guests with our QR code reader.

Hybrid Events – Give attendees the option to attend in-person or virtually with dedicated ticket types for each.

Private Events – Keep location details private and only share them with supporters who purchase a ticket.


  • Automatically send ticket holders event reminders
  • Display your event name, date, time, location, and other details on your event page, emails, and tickets
  • Allow supporters to instantly add your event to their personal calendars

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Pledge – Easily Fundraise Directly in Zoom

Pledge - Easily Fundraise Directly in Zoom

“Pledge – Easily Fundraise Directly in Zoom” is a transformative app designed to integrate directly into Zoom meetings and webinars, turning any virtual gathering into an opportunity for nonprofit fundraising.

By incorporating the Donations by Pledge app into a Zoom event, organizations can effortlessly encourage donations without disrupting the flow of the meeting or presentation. Here’s an expanded look at its features and benefits:

Key Features

  • Donate Button in Zoom: A prominent feature that allows participants to make donations with just a few clicks, without needing to navigate away from the Zoom interface. This ensures that the process is as straightforward and frictionless as possible.
  • Virtual Backgrounds for Donors: As a token of appreciation, donors receive an “I donated” virtual background that they can use during the meeting or webinar. This not only serves as a thank-you gesture but also encourages others to donate by visibly showcasing support within the Zoom event.
  • Real-Time Donation Feed: This feature displays a live feed of donations as they come in, fostering a sense of community and collective effort among participants. It also adds an element of excitement and urgency, as attendees can see the impact of their contributions in real time.
  • Fundraiser Goal Tracking: Setting a fundraising goal and displaying progress towards that goal can significantly enhance donor engagement and momentum. This feature allows organizers to set a visible target, motivating participants to contribute and helping to drive the fundraising effort towards its goal.
  • Text-to-Donate: Recognizing the growing trend of mobile giving, the app includes a Text-to-Donate feature, enabling participants to make donations conveniently from their mobile devices. This caters to the preferences of a wider audience, ensuring that everyone has an easy way to contribute.


  • Seamless Integration: The integration of Donations by Pledge with Zoom removes technical barriers, making it incredibly easy for nonprofits to host fundraisers during virtual events.
  • Increased Engagement: By enabling donations directly within the Zoom platform and rewarding donors with virtual backgrounds, the app increases participant engagement and encourages a higher rate of contribution.
  • Real-Time Interaction: The real-time donation feed and fundraiser goal tracking create a dynamic and interactive environment, keeping participants engaged and invested in the fundraising outcome.
  • Accessibility: With features like Text-to-Donate, the app ensures that donating is accessible and convenient for everyone, regardless of how they’re joining the Zoom event.
  • Maximized Fundraising Opportunities: By tapping into the vast user base of Zoom and offering a streamlined donation process, Donations by Pledge helps maximize fundraising opportunities for nonprofit organizations.

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Humanatix – Nonprofit Event Management Software


Humanitix stands out as a beacon of innovation and social entrepreneurship in the event ticketing landscape. Conceived from a desire to break free from the corporate mold and make a meaningful impact, its founders targeted the event ticketing industry, a domain ripe for disruption.

Their mission was clear: to transform the universally disliked booking fees into a force for good. Through their platform, Humanitix channels the frustration of booking fees into opportunities, having already redirected over $1M in fees to support disadvantaged children around the globe.

Here’s a closer look at the expanded features and benefits that Humanitix offers:

Key Features

  • Customizable Event Design: Humanitix allows event organizers to craft beautiful event pages that fully embody their brand’s identity. This customization extends to the layout, color scheme, and inclusion of logos, ensuring that each event feels uniquely yours.
  • Merchandise Integration: Recognizing the value of additional revenue streams, Humanitix enables organizers to add merchandise sales directly to their ticketing process. This feature not only simplifies logistics but also enhances the attendee experience by offering memorabilia or related products as part of their ticket purchase.
  • Simplified Ticketing for Complex Events: Whether you’re organizing a multi-day conference or a tiered-seating concert, Humanitix makes it easy to manage complex ticketing requirements. This includes handling various ticket types, discounts, and special access with ease, ensuring that all attendees find the right option for them.
  • Interactive Seat Maps: For events with assigned seating, Humanitix offers interactive seat maps that allow attendees to choose their preferred seats. This feature adds a layer of personalization to the ticket-buying process, improving the overall purchase experience.
  • Scanning App for Event Teams: To streamline entry management, Humanitix provides a mobile scanning app that empowers your event team to efficiently check in attendees. This tool reduces entry times and enhances security, ensuring a smooth start to your event.
  • Direct Email Communication: Keeping in touch with your audience is vital, and Humanitix facilitates this through direct email capabilities. Event organizers can send updates, reminders, and promotional materials directly to their attendees’ inboxes, maintaining engagement before, during, and after the event.
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting: Understanding event performance is key to future success. Humanitix offers detailed reports and analytics, providing insights into sales trends, attendee demographics, and overall event performance. This data is crucial for making informed decisions and optimizing future events.


  • Social Impact: By redirecting booking fees to fund education projects for disadvantaged children, Humanitix turns each event into an opportunity to make a difference.
  • Enhanced Brand Experience: The extensive customization options ensure that every aspect of the event reflects the organizer’s brand, creating a cohesive and memorable experience for attendees.
  • Streamlined Operations: From ticketing to entry management, Humanitix’s features are designed to simplify logistical challenges, allowing organizers to focus on delivering an exceptional event.
  • Engagement and Growth: The platform’s integrated communication and analytics tools help organizers build a deeper connection with their audience and gain insights to fuel growth.

In essence, Humanitix offers a powerful combination of comprehensive event management tools and a socially responsible mission, making it an ideal choice for organizers looking to elevate their events while contributing to a meaningful cause.

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Funraise – Nonprofit Online Event Ticketing Software


Funraise represents a significant advancement in online event ticketing software tailored specifically for the nonprofit sector. It’s designed as an all-encompassing solution that streamlines the processes of selling tickets, managing registrations, and collecting donations, all within the framework of a single, user-friendly platform.

This software not only facilitates the creation and sale of event tickets directly on your nonprofit’s website but also offers an array of features to enhance both the organizer’s and the attendees’ experience. Here’s an expanded overview of Funraise’s capabilities:

Key Features

  • Online Ticket Sales: Funraise enables nonprofits to effortlessly create and sell event tickets online. This feature is integrated seamlessly with your website, allowing for a consistent brand experience. Organizers can customize tickets with event details, set quantities, define costs, and specify the tax-deductible portion of the ticket price, offering transparency and convenience for buyers.
  • Event Check-In: To streamline the entry process at events, Funraise provides a digital check-in system. This feature not only reduces wait times and potential bottlenecks at the entrance but also minimizes the need for paper lists, aligning with eco-friendly practices.
  • Custom Questions: Understanding your attendees is crucial for hosting successful events. Funraise allows you to add custom questions to the registration process, giving you valuable insights into your audience. This data can be used to tailor the event experience, gather feedback, or inform future planning.
  • Ticket Receipt Emails: Upon purchasing a ticket, attendees receive automated receipt emails. These emails can be customized to include event details, tax-deductible information, and personalized messages, enhancing the attendee experience and providing essential information in a timely manner.
  • Tax Deductible Ticket Costs: Funraise makes it easy to manage and communicate the tax-deductible portion of ticket sales, a key feature for nonprofit events. This transparency is valuable for attendees who wish to claim these deductions for tax purposes.
  • Donor CRM Integration: One of Funraise’s standout features is its integration with donor CRM systems. This allows for seamless management of attendee and donor information, enabling nonprofits to maintain detailed records of interactions, donations, and event participation. Such integration fosters better relationship management and targeted outreach efforts.


  • All-in-One Solution: By consolidating ticket sales, registration, and donation collection into one platform, Funraise eliminates the need for multiple software solutions, simplifying event management for nonprofits.
  • Enhanced Attendee Experience: Features like online ticket purchasing, digital check-in, and immediate receipt emails contribute to a smooth and enjoyable experience for event attendees.
  • Valuable Insights: The ability to gather attendee data through custom questions and integrate with a donor CRM provides nonprofits with actionable insights, enabling more effective event planning and donor engagement strategies.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automated features and integrations reduce manual workload, allowing nonprofit staff to focus on the more strategic aspects of event planning and fundraising.
  • Tax Compliance: Clearly communicating the tax-deductible aspects of ticket purchases helps ensure compliance with tax regulations and adds value for donors.

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AirMeet for Nonprofits



Airmeet is an online venue for your events and communities designed to deliver real engagement and best-in-class interactions.

With Airmeet you can build and foster an active and engaging community online through events and networking. Craft a hassle-free, seamless and thoroughly customizable virtual event.


  • Set up and customize events in minutes—add logos, banners, and brand colors to the interiors at ease
  • Offer dedicated booth spaces to your partners and sponsors for promotions and reach outs
  • Establish ticketing tiers, smoothly connect payments to a system and start selling your tickets
  • Reach more people by live streaming your sessions on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Offer a collaborative lounge for global members and volunteers to connect and interact seamlessly

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Nonprofit Event Software - DonorBox

Start selling tickets online in under a minute with nonprofit event software that lightens your workload. Quickly generate tax-deductible values for each ticket, and let your supporters know the tax-deductible and fair market values of their purchases.

All individual donations and event tickets purchased through Donorbox are emailed to supporters in one convenient end-of-year summary.


  • Ticketing that Calculates Tax-Deductible Amounts
  • Hands-Off Receipting
  • Lightning-Fast Ticketing Creation
  • Receive Donations on Top of Ticket Sales
  • Collect Valuable Supporter Info
  • Unlimited Ticket Types

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Event Fundraising and Ticketing CauseVox

De-clutter your fundraising events with one place for selling tickets, taking donations, and running peer to peer fundraising. Integrated event ticketing that maximizes your fundraising.

Sell event tickets for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Modern, streamlined ticket buying process. Supporters can easily purchase tickets in two refreshing steps.


  • Customizable ticket options
  • Unlimited events
  • Sell tickets on a branded ticket page hosted by CauseVox.
  • Sell tickets on an embedded form on your website.
  • Sell tickets on campaign pages, such as crowdfunding.
  • Two-step donation process
  • Automatic order receipts

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Zeffy – Free Event Ticketing Platform for Nonprofits

Zeffy - Free Event Ticketing Platform for Nonprofits

Zeffy’s 100% free fundraising and ticketing management platform makes online fundraising a breeze for nonprofits.

Create captivating event registration forms and landing pages Build a fully personalized fundraising event registration experience and boost online registrations.


  • Responsive registration form that work on all devices
  • Off all of the widely used payments options no cost
  • Create unlimited ticket packages
  • Generate scannable e-tickets
  • Automatically send tax receipts

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