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14 Amazing Los Angeles Nonprofits Driving Change

Los Angeles is a city known for its dynamic spirit and diverse culture, and at the heart of its community are the Los Angeles nonprofits dedicated to driving positive change.

These organizations span various sectors, each with a unique mission to improve, empower, and innovate. From environmental advocacy to educational support, this article highlights nonprofits that are not only transforming individual lives but also shaping the broader narrative of Los Angeles as a city committed to progress and inclusivity.

Amazing Los Angeles Nonprofits Driving Change


1. Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: This organization is at the forefront of Los Angeles nonprofits’ battle against hunger, not only providing immediate food relief but also striving to eliminate food insecurity through policy advocacy and community education.
  • History: Founded to address the urgent need for food assistance, it has become an essential part of Los Angeles’ social services, leading large-scale efforts to collect and distribute food to those in need.
  • Impact: Serving millions annually, it has drastically reduced hunger levels in the region and played a crucial role in developing sustainable food security programs.

2. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is dedicated to setting the highest standards in pediatric care, pushing the boundaries of medical research, and advocating for the comprehensive health needs of children.
  • History: With a storied legacy of medical excellence and innovation in the Los Angeles nonprofits scene, it has emerged as a global leader in pediatric healthcare, continuously advancing the field and training future generations of healthcare professionals.
  • Impact: The hospital’s groundbreaking research and patient care have transformed pediatric healthcare worldwide, improving and saving countless young lives and setting new precedents in medical care and research.

3. Homeboy Industries

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: Homeboy Industries provides comprehensive rehabilitation services, including education, job training, and community programs, focusing on the reintegration of former gang members into society.
  • History: Over the years, it has grown from a modest jobs program to a globally recognized model for gang intervention and rehabilitation, offering a holistic approach to healing and personal growth.
  • Impact: By transforming the lives of individuals, Homeboy Industries has significantly reduced gang involvement and violence, fostering safer communities and offering new beginnings for thousands.

4. LA Family Housing

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: LA Family Housing is dedicated to eradicating homelessness, offering not just shelter, but also a spectrum of services designed to support individuals and families in achieving long-term housing stability and independence.
  • History: As a leader of Los Angeles nonprofits in the fight against homelessness, the organization has been at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative housing solutions and support services.
  • Impact: Each year, it assists a significant number of people in securing stable housing, thereby contributing to broader community development and helping to break the cycle of homelessness.

5. The Midnight Mission

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: The Midnight Mission offers comprehensive support to the homeless, including counseling, education, job training, and job placement services, aiming to guide them towards self-sufficiency.
  • History: Founded over a century ago, it has become a cornerstone of the Los Angeles nonprofits community, providing a continuum of care for those in need.
  • Impact: The organization has been instrumental in reducing homelessness, offering essential services that lead to improved independence and quality of life for countless individuals.

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6. United Way of Greater Los Angeles

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: United Way of Greater Los Angeles is dedicated to eliminating poverty through targeted education, housing, and employment initiatives, addressing the root causes of economic instability.
  • History: A key player in community support and advocacy, it has long been at the forefront of efforts to mobilize resources and support for the city’s most vulnerable populations.
  • Impact: Through its extensive programs, United Way has made significant strides in poverty alleviation, contributing to the overall well-being and improved living conditions in the community.

7. Inner-City Arts

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  • Mission: Inner-City Arts provides vital arts education to underserved youth in Los Angeles, offering a nurturing environment for creative expression and personal growth.
  • History: Since its inception, it has served as a vital resource for artistic development, effectively bridging the gap in arts access for children in urban communities.
  • Impact: By empowering thousands of students annually, it promotes creativity, boosts confidence, and enhances academic and social outcomes.

8. Los Angeles Conservancy

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: The Los Angeles Conservancy is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the architectural and cultural heritage of Los Angeles, advocating for the protection of historic sites.
  • History: Established as a key player in historic preservation, it has played a critical role in safeguarding the city’s architectural legacy.
  • Impact: The Conservancy not only preserves iconic landmarks but also raises public awareness and appreciation for Los Angeles’ rich architectural and cultural history.

9. TreePeople

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: TreePeople inspires and mobilizes the Los Angeles community to plant and nurture trees, advocating for a sustainable urban forest and promoting water conservation for a greener future.
  • History: Starting as a grassroots initiative, it has evolved into a prominent environmental organization in Los Angeles, leading urban forestry and sustainability efforts.
  • Impact: With significant tree planting and environmental education initiatives, TreePeople has profoundly influenced the city’s landscape and ecological health.

10. KCRW Foundation

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: KCRW serves as a beacon for independent news, music, and cultural programming, enhancing community engagement and fostering a deeper understanding of diverse cultural perspectives.
  • History: As a staple in Southern California’s public media scene, KCRW has been a vital source of independent journalism and cultural content among Los Angeles nonprofits.
  • Impact: The foundation has become a cultural touchstone, shaping public opinion and becoming a key platform for artistic and journalistic endeavors.

11. Skid Row Housing Trust

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: The Trust is committed to providing and managing supportive housing for Los Angeles’ homeless population, integrating services that foster stability, health, and well-being.
  • History: It has been at the forefront of Los Angeles nonprofits when it comes to innovative solutions to homelessness, developing sustainable living environments for those in need.
  • Impact: By offering thousands of stable housing solutions, it has transformed the lives of many, challenging and changing the narrative around homelessness in Los Angeles.

12. Los Angeles LGBT Center

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: The Center is a robust advocate for LGBT rights, delivering comprehensive services that support health, social well-being, and cultural enrichment.
  • History: As a pivotal institution in the LGBT community of Los Angeles, it has a long-standing history of advocating for rights and providing multifaceted support.
  • Impact: With an extensive array of services and programs, it stands as one of the most influential LGBT organizations worldwide, significantly enhancing the lives of individuals it serves.

13. Environment California

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: Environment California strives to safeguard the state’s environmental resources, engaging in rigorous policy advocacy, educational campaigns, and grassroots community action to preserve California’s natural beauty.
  • History: As a prominent environmental advocacy organization among Los Angeles nonprofits, it has consistently led initiatives for environmental protection and sustainable practices across California.
  • Impact: The organization is pivotal in influencing environmental legislation and initiatives, leading to significant improvements in ecological health and sustainable community practices throughout the state.

14. 826LA

los angeles nonprofits

  • Mission: 826LA is dedicated to enhancing students’ writing abilities and creative talents, providing personalized tutoring and innovative writing workshops to foster educational growth.
  • History: As a vital part of Los Angeles nonprofits’ national educational movement, 826LA specifically targets educational inequities by nurturing creative and expository writing skills in students.
  • Impact: The organization substantially boosts literary and academic skills, instilling a passion for writing and learning in young individuals, which echoes through their educational journey and beyond.


The remarkable tapestry of Los Angeles nonprofits highlighted in this article illustrates the city’s commitment to fostering a better, more inclusive future. Through their innovative and dedicated work, these organizations embody the essence of community impact and social progress in Los Angeles.

Their efforts across various sectors not only enrich individual lives but also collectively define the vibrant and resilient spirit of Los Angeles, making the city’s nonprofit sector a powerful force for change and improvement.

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