Empowering socially conscious businesses to effortlessly give back

Earn Cash Back that’s automatically donated to any nonprofit of your choice

  • No annual fee

  • Tax-deductible

  • Unlimited employee cards

Benefits Designed for Your Business

Save Time with Automatic Donations
Make donating to your favorite nonprofits easy by just using your Charity Charge Business Card to make your company’s daily purchases and automatically donating your Cash Back.

See Your Donations Online
With our Charity Charge Donation Dashboard, you can see the donations your company has earned each month as well as over the lifetime of your account. In your dashboard, you can also add and change the nonprofits your business expenses are helping to fund.

Receive an Itemized Tax Receipt
Your tax-deductible donations will be organized into an itemized receipt to make tax time easier. Your receipt will be easily accessible in your donation dashboard.

Zero Cost for Your Business
There is no annual fee for the Charity Charge Business Card. Plus, as a Public Benefit Corporation, we pay the donation processing fees so that there is no cost for your company or the nonprofit(s) you donate to.

Account Management and Bill Pay

Add Authorized Employee Cards
Add as many employee cards to your account as you need. Everyone on your staff can have a safe and secure way to make purchases on behalf of your business.

Restrict Employee Card Usage
Each employee card can be restricted by spending and transaction limits or by merchant, giving you greater control over your business’s spending.

Online Payments
View statements and transaction records, and pay your bill online. See a breakdown of spending for each of your company’s employee cards.

1% Cash Back Automatically Donated to Any Nonprofit
Your business’s 1% Cash Back is automatically donated to the nonprofit(s) of your choice and is clearly denoted in your donation dashboard.


Security and Account Alerts
Your account is monitored for unauthorized activity so you can stay on top of your account and receive alerts when there is suspicious activity on your company’s card or any employee cards.

Zero Liability Coverage
Your business is covered by $0 Fraud Liability if your company’s card is ever lost or stolen.


A Genuine Zero Cost Card
No annual fee – first year, or any year.

Purchase Rates – APR
14.90% variable rate, determined monthly by adding 9.90% to the Prime Rate.

Late Payment Fee and Over-the-Credit Limit Fee
Up to $29 on either infraction.

Foreign Transaction Fees
1% of each transaction in U.S. Dollars. 2% of each transaction made in currencies other than U.S. Dollars.

Download A One Pager

To share with your staff and other decision makers.