The Austin Diaper Bank: Nonprofit Business Card Client Feature

The Austin Diaper Bank is making big impacts as a member of the National Diaper Bank Network. Since 2013, the organization has been working through local agencies to provide a “clean and reliable source of diapers” for families in the Central Texas Region.

Today, Executive Directer, Holly McDaniel uses the Charity Charge Nonprofit Business Card to purchase critical supplies for the diaper bank’s operations, including a portion of the diapers they distribute each year. McDaniel shared their reason for adopting the card and why she elected to be one of our initial cardholders in 2018:

We chose to use the Charity Charge nonprofit card because we needed to work with a company that understands how nonprofits differ from normal for-profit companies. Also, it’s important for us to partner with a company that supports it’s community.

Each year, the diaper bank supports over 10,000 families in Central Texas with a goal to distribute an astounding 600,000 diapers in 2019.

Now that Austin Diaper Bank has been using Charity Charge for several months, McDaniel told us she’s come to value the, “Other partnerships and discounts for running their business.” As a nonprofit cardholder, ADB utilizes the discount program we offer in partnership with PurchasingPoint, a totally free purchasing consortium for nonprofits to access huge discounts at over 200 national vendors.

We asked Holly about her work at the organization and what motivates her in her daily operations. She told us that, “One in three babies goes without clean and dry diapers in our community” and that “A lack of diapers can lead to diaper rash, infections and even child abuse.”

The organization is on a mission to make one in three babies “none in three babies” who suffer from a lack a clean diapers. McDaniel added that, “We are passionate about our work in supporting families with diapers. Our goal is to make sure every parent has the supplies they need for their children so they can live empowered lives.”

Learn more about the Austin Diaper Bank including opportunities to volunteer or host a diaper drive at your workplace, church, or school.

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